Are Pleiadians or Greys, Humans from a Future Time?

They travel into their distant past – our present – and engage in clandestine programs to reap DNA, cells, sperm and eggs as a means to try and save what is left of us, thousands of years from now.

Everyone heard at one point about the UFO phenomenon and the aliens. At first glance, it seems that these aliens come from a remote place in the universe.

Still, you’ve ever thought of the theory that aliens might be us, humans. Imagine that mankind will experience a huge technological advance over the next 100,000 years. We will have the technology to travel in time.

There is a theory that the aliens we see now are indeed very advanced people coming from our future.

It seems they have come in our time to do genetic experiments and collect genetic material to save the human race that is in danger of extinction in the future.

For more details about this fascinating theory, watch the video below:




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1 thought on “Are Pleiadians or Greys, Humans from a Future Time?”

  1. Hello! I fully support the idea of time traveling advanced humans aka aliens from our future despite the lack of concrete scientific evidence to the contrary.The subject should be taken more seriously given our inner potential to advance with are science and technology it shouldn’t be placed in the realm of impossiblity and if anyone wants to do more reading on the subject.I would suggest you read the book,”Time Travelers from our Future:A Fifth dimension Odyssey by Dr.Bruce Goldberg.I think you’ll find the book to be very openminded for research in such a subject.Although the truth of this isn’t endorsed by the Raelian movement or the Elohim.My personal recommendation is that you read this book thank you and goodbye!


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