Arcturian Message – Time is an Illusion – Explained

Mar 24, 2021

Dearest souls and family. We call you family as you are connected to us in many more ways than you are able to comprehend at this moment in time and there are many of you who have been us in what you call your past. We would like to have the pleasure of speaking to you about time and the frustration it causes you in your world. You understand time as a linear constraint that is finite like a piece of string. In your world you would cut a length of string and lay it straight on a surface and imagine a time measurement that is relative to the start and the end of that piece of string. The middle part would be the duration of events and experiences upon which soul growth is attained by coming and going back and forth from your planet and visiting others in the meantime. Upon this piece of string you often enjoy labeling markers like dates and you follow its straight and linear line marking information and moments from your now. You are always recording from your now moment. That is your point of view of time. Going from A to B and marking what happens in the now whilst you travel along it. To understand in linear terms, how time works outside of the constraints that you have, would be for us to take the piece of string and attach one end to the other forming a circle whereby there is no end or beginning and watch time moving all together in a circular fashion. We would be marking within the circle of time as well as the piece of string itself. Now imagine that your earthly piece of string was very long. You were not able to see the ends because they were out of your vision. This is the frustration that some of you experience regarding your ego as this part of the mind wishes to see the end of the pieces of string to help formulate what will come next in terms of helping you plan for circumstances that will better help your growth and experiences. Now imagine again our point of view whereby we link the strings ends and seal them together again. A circle lies before us with the past present and future going round and round before our eyes laid out before us. We are recording time as a whole, not in the now. This allows us to set the highest and greatest timelines and perceive how they will play out as the consequences come around again affecting the past, present and the future as a whole. This is where so much frustration accumulates on your planet at this time as you have temporary limited vision of what is and what will come around again as you feel the train on the track has left the station never to return. On the track we envision the train will be coming around again and again with nothing lost but elements where other moments are instead happening which can be influenced. We feel your level of frustration regarding timelines as the multi dimensional element of yourself begins to waken and remember the circular piece of string subconsciously whilst still having to work out of the box which says linear time, the result of this being that you wish to compensate this by experiencing everything in the now as that is the only perception that is obvious to you within the current limitation you are working out of. This will change. Have patience….

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