Vatican Secret Archives: The History of Humanity Locked Away

Mar 29, 2021

Vatican City is the smallest country on earth; it covers less area than New York’s Central Park; if you were to walk from one side to the other, barely half a mile, you might stroll beneath the mighty columns of the iconic St. Peter’s Square, gaze upon the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, or the Apostolic Palace, the architectural majesty of one of humanity’s most historically significant cities. And yet, what is most significant historically is perhaps not what stands on top of the earth, but what lies beneath it. There, in a fortress-like bunker, closed to the public and protected by armed guards, lies an incredible 53 miles of shelving – more than 100 times the distance from one side of Vatican City to the other, dug deep into the earth. On these shelves sit 12 centuries’ worth of documents, and unmatched history not just of the Catholic church, but of the world as we know it. This is the Vatican Secret Archive, and hidden within it are the original recordings of some of history’s most important and well-known events. There are some, however, who say that this is not all that is hidden there. Some believe that deep beneath the Vatican is a different kind of history, one of secret powers, apocalyptic prophecies, and perhaps even extraterrestrials.

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