Apocrypha and the Book of Enoch

The Book of  Enoch
The Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch

Some of the meanings behind the word Apocrypha are “hidden” or “esoteric”. The word has been used to represent a set of texts that were initially part of Biblical history and later excluded or hidden by the various religious leaders of the time. Some sects kept them intact to this day. Examples of such texts are the Books of Adam and Eve, Book of Noah, Book of Giants, and others. Many of the stories from these ancient texts did not go well with the interpretations that the religious leaders were trying to impose so they just removed them from their biblical canon.
One such book, The Book of Enoch, was recently found referenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls, proving that it does go back to those times. Enoch goes into great detail about what he learned in the heavens, except it is not described as heaven like many religions have interpreted it, but sounds a lot more like space or images of space. Enoch measures the revolution of the Earth around the sun and provides the number 365.25, way before anyone known to man came up with such an accurate count of the year. How can he have known all this in ancient times? How is he describing
the view of Earth from space? Why is he going into such great detail about the Earth, Sun, and moon? These are questions, “In The Beginning”, the book, will cover.
Here are some excerpts from these texts:
“IT came to pass, when Enoch had told his sons, that the angels took him on to their wings and bore him up on to the first heaven and placed him on the clouds. And there I looked, and again I looked higher, and saw the ether, and they placed me on the first heaven and showed me a very great Sea, greater than the earthly sea.”

“THOSE men took me, and led me up on to the fourth heaven, and showed me all the successive goings, and all the rays of the light of sun and moon. And I measured their goings and compared their light, and saw that the sun’s light is greater than the moon’s. Its circle and the wheels on which it goes always, like a wind going past with very marvelous speed, and day and night it has no rest.”

“Thus the sun revolves and goes, and rises under the heaven, and its course goes under the earth with the light of its rays incessantly.”

“again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great gates open corresponding to the Eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter.”

“And there mine eyes saw the secrets of the lightning and of the thunder, and the secrets of the winds, how they are divided to blow over the earth, and the secrets of the clouds and dew, and there I saw from whence they proceed in that place and from whence they saturate the dusty earth. And there I saw closed chambers out of which the winds are divided, the chamber of the hail and winds, the chamber of the mist, and of the clouds, and the cloud thereof hovers over the earth from the beginning of the world. And I saw the chambers of the sun and moon, whence they proceed and whither they come again, and their glorious return, and how one is superior to the other, and their stately orbit, and how they do not leave their orbit, and they add nothing to their orbit and they take nothing from it, and they keep faith with each other, in accordance with the oath by which they are bound together.”

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