Ancient Flying Machine Vimana Located in Underground Chamber of an Indian Temple

This discovery was made in a secret chamber that was found in the ancient temple of Siringam, India, and according to the archeologists themselves, this chamber is extremely old, at least 2,000-year-old to be precise.

This happened back in 2015, but ever since a certain incident with a trap happened a lot of effort was needed in order to fully research the contents of the chamber.

Authorities closed and sealed the chamber after the incident, forbidding access to it for everyone, including the original archeologists that came across it in the first place.

A lot of theories began circulating around the fact that there was never any trap incident, and that instead of that there were secrets inside of that chamber that they couldn’t have leaking out so they prohibited the access for everyone until they made sure to remove any trace of this.

But, before their access was prohibited, the archeologists came across a vault that contained a small metallic aircraft that was rightfully so named Vimana, which is the Ancient Flying Machine described in the Indian epics.

The Vimana was confiscated soon after by the authorities and the population hasn’t gotten a second look at it ever since, but it is still quite a shocking discovery, to say the least.


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