Ancient Alien Outpost Found On Mars?
















March 20, 2021

According to many ufologists and researchers, there are many entry doors leading to underground structures on Mars. Are these alien bases or perhaps human colonies? Rover Curiosity took the images you’re about to see. These “doors” are clearly visible and tend to be entry points to certain obscure structures.
 One of these objects may be the mysterious “anomaly” photographed by the Curiosity rover a while ago. In one of the images, a dome-shaped object can be seen in the background of the shot. According to rumors, there are openings or windows under the dome. Perhaps any alien artifacts or a portal to an underground base?
 NASA seems to have been making excuses for the strange objects discovered on Mars’ surface. Dahboo777, a Skywatcher, criticized NASA’s policy, as did skeptics who favored NASA’s policy.
They are deliberately attempting to hide the reality about extraterrestrials and UFOs on Mars, inventing excuses to ignore anything pertaining to extraterrestrial visits to Earth and other planets in the Solar System.

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