Abducted By Reptilian Alien Who Used Her On The Moon

Jan 16, 2018

















Niara Terela Isley, a former USF radar monitoring officer, admitted several bizarre and surprising events while she was under hypnosis. Niara appeared to have been stolen by reptile extraterrestrials and ‘used’ on several occasions on the moon. Niara said she was living when someone unexpectedly took her to a remote base on the other side of the moon. There, she was compelled to share a romantic relationship with a lot of aliens. Niara went on to state that she was able to remember every detail of her time spent there. She said that she was ‘used’ in front of an audience after she was jabbed in the neck with a mysterious liquid. Many of these facts were admitted by Niara when under the influence of hypnosis. This happened when she was 25 years old and had been taken to space for at least 10 periods over several months. Besides getting ‘used,’ she was even made to dig on the other side of the moon. There were even people on the moon who aided and consulted aliens on their creations. What do you think of the story of this woman?






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