See a UFO — Lose Your Job

Feb 5, 2021

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Many people have lost their job as the result of a UFO encounter. If word gets out that you have seen a UFO, or that you believe you have been taken onboard a craft, or even if you are merely interested in the subject, sorry — you’re fired! You are now unemployed. Pack your personal belongings. Your final check is in the mail. Discrimination against UFO experiencers and investigators is a real problem in society. Experiencing a UFO encounter can be traumatic. But then witnesses sometimes have to deal with the additional trauma of being disbelieved or ridiculed, or actually losing their livelihood. This problem is particularly acute among the police, whose job it is to watch out for anything unusual. And yet when they report something very unusual, what happens?…They’re fired. This video presents more than a dozen firsthand cases of people who were terminated from their place of employment for talking about UFOs. Police, doctors, pilots, politicians — all have had their careers destroyed by getting too close to UFOs. And it’s the denial of our own governments to admit the reality of UFOs that has caused this appalling situation. The time is now for truth and transparency on the subject of UFOs. If you would like to explore more about these cases and others, check out my book, “Not from Here: Volume Three.”

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