American Scientist Reveals the US Has a Device Capable of Observing Any Period of the Past

The following statement was made by an American doctor and researcher as he talked about how advanced the United States army really is and how they already have their hands on a device that is able to look at events from the past as if you were looking through a one-way mirror.

Steven Greer is the man we need to thank for this discovery, as despite the fact that he is an American orthopedic surgeon he is also a founder of the UFO organizations “Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence” and “The Revelation Project”.

According to him, this device and more can all be traced back to the secret weapons laboratories in White Oaks, Maryland.

He talked about how he was able to get this information while talking to a US Navy soldier as he managed to get into talks about the subject relatively easily since the soldier just wanted someone to rant off to.

He also talked about how this device must date back to the mid-1970s and more specifically how it works as an electronic system that is able to show you the past with relative ease, regardless of whether you wish to see what happened one hour ago or one century ago.

This is but one of the many advanced technologies that the military apparently has access to, as he claims that this and more can be stored in the Akashic records which in itself is stored in the interdimensional space rift.


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