Aliens lived on Earth in ancient times

Aliens lived on Earth in ancient times 86

Aliens in ancient times already lived on Earth, Jason Wright said in his research, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University.

For some reason, when it comes to scientific works that fall out of the “generally accepted scientific worldview”, they are not written anywhere or quoted in the media.

The professor published his article in 2017 and can be found on arXiv. It is called “Previous Indigenous Technological Views.” Jason Wright concluded that advanced alien life forms once existed on Earth, Express reports.

In the article, he writes that the alien “technological view” lived on ancient Earth, Venus and on Mars. This was at a time when Venus and Mars had an atmosphere, oceans and looked like Earth. Professor Wright writes:

Given that the Earth contains complex life, the Earth is the most obvious origin for the anterior species of any kind. Modern Venus would seem to be a terrible candidate for a technological view, with a surface temperature of about 735 K (462 ° C). Although, when it comes to alien life, we must be open even to this probability.

Aliens lived on Earth in ancient times 88

Although the ancient aliens may have left Earth, evidence of the existence of so-called “Technosignatures” may have survived underground. The main difficulty is that over the past millions of years, most of the material evidence has been lost. For example, on Venus, the global appearance of greenhouse gases could lead to the emergence of a planetary surface. While on Earth, the movement of tectonic plates and subsequent erosion could destroy any remaining evidence of the life of a previous civilization.

However, techno signals could still be recognized, even if physical evidence were destroyed. The structures buried beneath the surface of the Earth, Venus, Mars – could be preserved and can be discovered. Even if these structures suffered from disasters, this made them non-functional, but they can still be recognizably technologically advanced. We could assume that settlements or bases on Earth, Venus, Mars, as well as their satellites, were built underground for various reasons, and therefore can still be found even today.

One option might be to search for traces on tectonic surfaces that are calmer on other cosmic bodies in the solar system. The most obvious reason for the disappearance of the alien race was a global cataclysm, be it a natural event, such as the fall of an asteroid that caused the extinction of species or such as a global climate catastrophe. But in the case of a species that settled elsewhere in the solar system, such an event would forever destroy the alien species if there were many cataclysms throughout the solar system closely spaced in time (a swarm of comets or interplanetary war, possibly), or if settlements were not completely self-sufficient.


In addition, an unexpected near gamma-ray burst or supernova can cause a cataclysm across the entire solar system. Even without a cataclysm, a species may simply die out, or become permanently non-technological at some point, or it left the solar system forever for some reason.

Interesting theories from a respected scientist that for some reason do not want to pay public attention. Indeed, in fact, the study confirms the many facts available, proving that before the appearance of people on Earth, a highly developed civilization already existed here.

This is evidenced by the finds of artifacts in coal seams, which are hundreds of millions of years old. This is evidenced by megalithic structures, pyramids around the world, the purpose of which is not known to the end and many legends, legends, textual historical documents describing the contacts of earthlings with aliens.

Scientists continue their mantra – we are the most developed, we are the only rational in the entire universe. Really? But what about the facts that hundreds of unidentified aircraft fly to the sky, lower and upper atmosphere, in orbit and even in space, to whom do they belong?

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