Alien Humanoids Walking Among Us

We all know that aliens live amongst us nowadays. Whether it is actually fully blooded aliens or if it’s alien-human hybrids we can’t tell for sure, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter considering the fact that they’re all working for the same force regardless. The aliens that you can see in these pictures are shapeshifters, we can see them as normal humans but we cannot perceive their true selves which hide themselves amongst the sleeping population aka the sheeple.
This CCTV footage shows these humanoid creatures walking amongst us in public without anyone noticing. They are dressed like anyone else, but their faces are completely botched up as you can see. It is believed that this is a result of the Crystal Holographic Technology that has been used by the Aliens and the Reptilians multiple times in the past so they can hide amongst us in public. The images don’t lie, and they haven’t been edited either. This is the truth, the real truth, and the only truth of the matter. Whether you choose to see it for what it is and fight for your survival is up to you. Wake up, smell the roses, and don’t take this colonization standing down!
I have personally seen these in the outskirts of medium to large Cities, especially here in the South United States. One Reminded of Jude Law aka Gigolo Joe only a black man dressed just like him and with the Charisma as Joe. I always seems to happen when I leave my phone in my car while I am grocery shopping.

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