Alien Contact 2020 Trailer


Actual UFO encounters between Alien spacecrafts and Military pilots could be declassified by as a possible means of preparing the public for the impending disclosure of the ET presence on Earth. The recent surge of UFO activity reveals irrefutable video evidence of startling encounters with ultrasonic extraterrestrial crafts by Military pilots. Do they pose a threat to our national security? What is our fate should these celestial visitors be malevolent in nature? Top researchers in the field discuss remarkable documentation and eyewitness testimony. Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, Travis Walton and other experts fulfill our insatiable curiosity about who these visitors are and what may be in store for us with a phenomenon that could soon change the course of human history.

This is great hope you will enjoy and continue on researching and learning the need for Disclosure, especially now during this brutal Global Coronavirus Pandemic . By the way if they were a threat or dangerous we would already be dead.

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