Alien Con 2016 and mingling with other ufologists and the 2016 Laughlin UFO Symposium

Nancy at Alien Con 2016
Nancy at Alien Con 2016
Hybrid Children
Hybrid Children
Were Out There
Were Out There
Little White Light
Little White Light by Judy Ann Lowe
Starworks USA Judy Ann Lowe
Starworks USA Judy Ann Lowe (Far Right) Laughlin, Nevada. We had a wonderful visit together at the Reception with drinks and Music by the Travis Walton family.                             “The Little White  book is a must have for children of all ages and ‘adults’ too. Judy is a brilliantly intuitive writer who can help children know and understand a higher power. They will use this little book as a guide to helping them find their own higher pathway.” – Karen Gresham Nickell






This trip was like a trip to Disney World. It was so cool to be surrounded with others with my interest and lots of informative people. It truly opened my eyes to many things.

Nancy with Dr. Steven Greer
Nancy with Dr. Steven Greer at THE 2016 LAUGHLIN UFO SYMPOSIUM by Starworks USA

This was a great honor for me to hear some of his lecturers. This was very inspirational for me and sparked a more aggressive role in disclosing my beliefs. Thank you Dr. Steven Greer

Nancy with George Noory
Nancy with George Noory Alien con

Always enjoyed Coast to Coast AM Radio and was very happy to finally meet George Noory.

Nancy with Travis Walton
Nancy with Travis Walton   THE 2016 LAUGHLIN UFO SYMPOSIUM by Starworks USA

Travis Walton is an amazing man who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The beings took him to heal him from all the radiation he was exposed to. His book is a great read of the real things that happened to him. His family is a wonderful band that entertained us all at the get togethers at night.

Wonderful Event they have this yearly. I highly encourage everyone to attend it’s absolutely Amazing and everyone is kind and make you feel like your with UFO family.

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Nancy Thames

Travis Walton
Travis Walton
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