Alien Close Encounter involving my Children in Key West

The Greys who often travel in parties of three
The Greys who often travel in parties of three

Alien encounter in hotel room in Key West

Well I next reveal my experience in key west Florida my family of my two sons and step son happened at the Key West Marriott Beach Hotel we had a beach side room with two big beds me and my husband at that time on the beach door side bed asleep and the three boys in other bed asleep I awoke looked over to the right and saw a small grey in a robe like suit moving on the far side of the bed which was my stepson side far against the other side of their bed from our bed I suddenly felt a push on my back to lay me back down so they were on my side of bed to I was awake but then somehow could not move or speak but told don’t worry get more rest you are all fine. Unable to move or scream or yell I just laid there unknowing what was happening but I went to sleep and the next morning I was very confused and worried but everyone was happy and mentioned nothing of it and my husband just looked at me when I told him you just had a crazy dream but I knew I was awake. So once again I ignored it. Hiding it in my mind. No damage done just a check up on my family and me. But I then knew
my children were involved in this to. More to come. Tell me if you have had similar experiences.


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