UFO Disclosure is in Progress. Get Ready, Get Informed

UFO disclosure billboard in Montana on Highway 12 near Helena
UFO disclosure billboard in Montana on Highway 12 near Helena

“UFO disclosure is in progress. Get ready. Get informed” and it tells passersby to learn more online at www.jaml.org.

In a Dec. 18, 2017, story in The Washington Post, Fravor, a Navy commander and former pilot, said he saw a UFO in 2004 off the coast of California, and described it as a “Tic Tac” and it maneuvered in the air like nothing else he had ever seen.

“It was a real object, it exists and I saw it,” he told The Post.

Dr. Richard O’Connor, founder and director of JAML, told members in an email Friday that the sign should get 46,000 viewings a month. He said it is on Highway 12 and can only be seen by those traveling west, past the car dealerships. He has asked them to share photos of the sign with others.

Hopefully we will see more things to help Disclosure and educate humanity and get us prepared for our futures,

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  1. Hello! As far as I go I don’t need a disclosure event other people do but not me.I’am already convinced thanks to the Elohim making first contact with our beloved prophet Rael in 1973.Although I wasn’t there personally to witness the event.I’am in agreement that it happened two years before I was born than in 1975 when I was truly born the prophet Rael had his second encounter with the Elohim humanities ET creators.I find a correlation between my birth and Rael’s second encounter and I’am happy that it happened not in the same month but the same year as me.


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