Abductions – Medical Evidence Budd Hopkins

Among individuals reporting prior alien UFO abductions, 3 different kinds of physical after effects are often found within or upon their bodies: 1. The most common are surface lesions of two types: “scoop marks,” shallow, depressions, usually found on an abductee’s leg, suggesting that layers of tissue have been removed, and fine, straight-line cuts reminiscent of surgical incisions. Both types usually leave lasting scars. 2. Radiological reports of small metallic objects – alleged implants – which occasionally appear in X-rays of abductees’ skulls and are inaccessibly located. 3. A wide range of other unusual medical symptoms which occur immediately after an abduction experience and appear to have no acceptable medical causes. These anomalous symptoms include sudden, profuse bleeding from the bladder in males, the absence of a previously existing ovary in females, numerous “disappearing” pregnancies, and other difficult to explain medical conditions.

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