Mike Harris Show: Special Guest Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer. A trauma Emergency room Physician who after having experiences with UFOs sacrificed his medical career to bring the truth about the UFO phenomena into the public view. His efforts are of particular importance now because of the DoD’s release and confirmation that the UFOs that have been seen by millions are indeed very real. What Doctor Greer documents is that there are two fundamental types of UFO’s; our’s (of Earthly origin) and theirs , of extraterrestrial origin. Dr.. Greer emphasizes the methods to determine the origins of the objects. Dr. Greer also discusses the formation of the space force as a means to continue defense spending against the extraterrestrial origin UFO’s in an attempt to create a hostile enemy, for profit, when the extraterrestrials have never displayed any hostile intentions, in fact the extraterrestrials have displayed remarkable restraint when the USA and other militaries globally have attacked the extraterrestrial UFO’s and brought them down to gain access to the extraterrestrial technology for profit and to weaponize peaceful extraterrestrial technologies. To quote Pogo; “we have met the enemy and it is us”. The true enemy is the governments who withhold information and crash UFO’s to capture the occupants and to steal the technology for profit and military advantage. I hope you all enjoy the interview and support the efforts of Dr. Greer, and please become a subscriber to my Youtube Channel, if you enjoy the content. Thank you in advance Mike Harris.

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