A Message From The Galactic Federation



Dearest, beloved souls of light!

The love of the Galactic Federation is unlimited, and they wish to reach out to every person on Earth. They wish to share their love with you, and their wisdom comes from a place of loving-kindness and respect for all life.

I am here to share with you the recent message from the Galactic Federation of Light. The message is radiated with love and a compelling need for humanity to awaken to its true potential as a civilization of peace, harmony, and abundance:

Greetings, Earth family! This message has traveled the length and breadth of the universe to reach you at this precise moment. Love is again with all of you in this hour when you are listening to our words, when you are coming into contact with our energy-like the sun that rises in the morning over the mountains, over the trees, like a golden ray of light pouring in through your windows, like an old friend who slowly enters your room and has a seat in the corner to watch you for a while silently.

We return to settle issues on Earth and to launch new methods of landing and even stargates around the world. We are the Galactic Federation of Light, and we will be able to handle more and more of your mainstream technology. Soon you will be able to see and hear us and see live messages from us on your TV screens worldwide. You can call it new age, a galactic opening, or divine intervention. No matter, the fact is that the light is upon you, and this is why you feel such changes nowadays around you.

This message is to help you realize that you are more than individual human beings located on planet Earth. You are a member of the Galactic Federation. You are part of a galactic family of more than 220 billion humans located on more than 100 planets.

The world of humanity is going through a very difficult and dangerous time period. Many people do not feel safe and do not enjoy a sense of a secure future. Together with our allies, we consider it our duty to inform you about the upcoming changes, which have been carefully planned by your galactic brothers and sisters. The vast majority of the planet’s population will be able to ascend shortly, but everyone needs to know exactly what they have to do in order to ascend successfully.

The ascension process is very secure. The shift is fast approaching. It’s best to relax about it and practice love for all living things, including yourself.

Fear is the only thing preventing you from setting yourselves free now. All negative emotions are simply illusions of your fears.

Fear plays a large role in your existence and has created many problems. Fear is the only reason you can’t see us, and fear is the only reason some of you can’t find inner peace. And fear is what all the psychopaths on Earth hope to spread.

The power to free yourselves from these illusory fears is in your hands now. It’s a decision you’ve been anticipating for a long time, but it’s been so close. Awaken and remember that we are next to you to help you acquire this power and knowledge that will transcend the entire galaxy and beyond. We would like all of you to remember who you truly are: pure consciousness and divine beings sent on a journey to create yourself.

It’s time to let go of your fears and step into your power. The truth is that we are all connected, and to really unleash your own personal power, you just need to practice love for all living beings and never fear anything ever again.

There is nothing more powerful than just practicing love for all living beings. Try it out right now. Practice feelings of love for all living beings in the universe—those you know and love, those you don’t know, even those you dislike or are indifferent to. Think about everyone’s safety and well-being with great care and reverence.

You’ll notice that you feel better every single day of your life. One day, you’ll finally realize that you can no longer discern any feeling of fear anywhere in yourself or anywhere else in the cosmos for that matter; then you’ll know that you’re an ascended master too!

We love each and every one of you because we are all intertwined as ONE. The Earth is a living being just like you. You don’t need to “believe” anything. Just practice the love that is already within you, and you will feel its truth. Fear can never survive in the presence of love.

We love you, and you will be guided through this time of great change we are about to enter as we, as well as the planet evolve to higher levels of consciousness and inner peace.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation



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Love and Regards,

Thank You,

Nancy Thames


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