The Pleiadian Message




Dearest, beloved souls of light!

Our Pleiadians friends and family of the light forces of the universe want the world to know that we will never lose anyone from our own family, from the light! They have prepared for their mission since a very long time ago. They have trained in the missions they are going through today.

The Pleiadians have been around since the time of the great Atlantis. They are a collective of extraterrestrial beings from our stellar neighborhood. The Pleiadians say, “We are here because you are drawing us.” The Pleiadians have been assisting this planet for a long time now!

I’m really happy that you read this to spread the Pleiadian message to those who need it. I hope that my efforts result in you and me, and other people, and the whole planet, accomplishing the goal we know we should all strive for: Peace and Love throughout the universe.

The Pleiadian Message provides us with information that will help humanity to understand the problems of the Earth at this time. Their intergalactic perspective on our actions here is clearly seen in the macrocosm and gives us the guidelines we need to create peace on Earth.

It is with great joy today that I am sharing this powerful and fascinating message from the Pleiadian light forces:

Dear sisters and brothers of planet Earth, We are Pleiadians!

We have been making a great effort, as have each of you as well, to send as much love as possible. This is not the same as simply stating that we are sending all of you our love! No, it is very different, and we want you to notice this. Love is being sent through us from the Great Central Sun. It is a frequency of light that comes from a source of infinite love and compassion, and it flows through us and through all of you. As this loving frequency enters your field, it enters all of your energy bodies simultaneously, at once, and infuses you with its life force.

Our mission is to take care of the Earth and to prepare for the shift of this world into the Fifth Dimension. To do that, we need help from you. And you are here because, in one way or another, you know it’s time to serve this cause.

We are now working to repair the disturbance to the Earth’s atmosphere, its magnetic field, its ecology, and genetic inheritance. That is why we need to take care of animals today and show our respect for them, which has an impact on all of nature, not only animals.

The world is in dire straits. We, the Pleiadians, wish to intervene in this situation and assist Planet Earth in the rebuilding process.

We, the Pleiades, and others are here to assist in this transition so that what was done can be undone. This is why there are so many changes taking place.

Pleiadian Lightwork is not something to fear! We are here to implement the changes that are required for humanity’s ascension. The Pleiadian Lightwork program is not only about earth changes; it is about bringing your inner self to the forefront, which will be necessary to face the storms of change.

This is our message to you, which you have chosen to take seriously in order to transform your low vibrational energies into higher vibrations that carry these energies away from your planet to other star systems that will need them in order for us to ascend in consciousness.

It is so important for you to have access to our wisdom about the transformation process on your home planet. We are working hard to clear out all of the low-vibrational thought forms that are manifest in this part of the galaxy. Take time each day to connect to our star group wheel, hold hands with your Pleiadian brother or sister, and feel the energies of love that are being projected towards you.

This is where we come in, for we are still here to help your transition—to sweeten the bitter pill that has been given to you. What you must understand is that mankind has chosen this type of destruction because, although it stemmed from an act of hate, it was also chosen by the dark forces on Earth for this to be brought about.

The age of manipulation has reached far and wide and may, unfortunately, be continuing now with the political arena. We are working now on removing all the negative influences within the scientific, political, religious, educational system, social institutions, and media. We are removing all these negative energies at this time. They are almost gone now.

We are currently present with you here on Earth so that we can help you to break free of your genetic and karmic family patterns of abuse by removing these patterns from your energy field. These programming changes will occur within yourself, as well as within all of us, as our coding’s change through the cleansing process of transmutation that occurs during this time of transformation.

Our mission is to assist humanity on its return journey. To that end, we aim to create the awakening in the consciousness of the people on the Earth that will assist in activating their higher spiritual abilities.

We have the highest interest in this world, and we want to bring the truth to everyone. This is where the vision for this planet is.

We need your help in these transitions. They’re happening faster and faster, and we’re going to be doing it very shortly. So keep your heart and keep your mind open, and you’ll be able to see what’s really going on here. As you are all reading this, you are in transition with us and are becoming part of our planet’s energy grid.

The coming times will be dedicated to celebrating your transformation into gaining a collective fifth-dimensional consciousness. This celebration will undoubtedly be the most phenomenal undertaking that has ever existed on this planet.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation



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