800ft UFO Traveling At 48,000KM/hr Video Made By Scientist

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    • Frederick Portigal, a former USAF and Boeing Engineer has captured pictures and data of UFOs using hyperspectral imaging.
    • According to him, he captured an 800ft object travelling at tremendous speeds close to 48,000KM/hr.
  • Reflect On:
    • What are the implications of this technology being real?
    • Has government been aware of these sorts of vehicles for a long time?

A retired Boeing engineer and scientist, Frederick Portigal, claims to have captured an incredibly large UFO via a specialized telescope. The UFO measures about 800 feet, and was allegedly travelling 48,000 KM/hr.

How did he manage to capture it? Well, you’ve already put your faith in the technology he used if you’ve ever eaten USDA-approved California Grapes. If you live in the United States, your tax money has already helped to fund the development of a technology known as hyper-spectral remote sensing. Also known as imaging spectroscopy, it’s a method being researched by scientists for the detection and identification of minerals, terrestrial plants, and man-made materials and backdrops.

Its skills will be used on the James Webb Space Telescope, which is set to launch in December and will look back into the origins of time.

I want to be clear, Portigal’s claims are immense, and as a journalist I did my best to verify what he is saying. Below I provide Frederick’s proof of identification and verification details as he sent his passport over.

Frederick Portigal is a world-leading scientist with extensive expertise in this technique.

Frederick was in charge of developing the processing chain for the Fourier Transform Hyper-spectral Imager (FTHSI), the first hyper-spectral sensor launched into orbit by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory/RVBYI. He created a mathematical model to simulate the space observations that will be conducted using Landsat 7 data.

Portigal completed a USDA sponsored program to evaluate hyper-spectral imaging for detection of Pierces Disease (PD) in California grapes.

A quick background check on Frederick Portigal reveals previous employment with organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and the National Science Foundation. He has a message for the world now that he is retired and learning how to use Twitter from a sailboat.

The payload seems to include the majority of the mythological spacecraft that are often discussed and reported on in UFO mythology. Portigal is certain they’ve entered our world through a gateway.

“There would be no plasma field if it was in synchronous orbit outside the atmosphere.” The lower they are in the atmosphere, the more energy they must use to seem to be in the frame of reference of a star. That is why I think they are in the ionosphere, which allows me to estimate the width of the mothership plasma field to be about 800 feet.”

– Frederick Portigal

The wormhole transportation technology and near surface plasma-like phenomena is travelling at 48,000 kilometers per hour, according to the retired former Boeing senior engineer. Portigal’s telescopic video footage from January 29, 2008 captured remarkable occurrences of plasma-like objects flying at speeds beyond comprehension in the neighborhood of the Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico. His telescope was on Sandia Heights, 700 feet higher than the mesa to the west, with a slant range of about 15 miles.

Shortly following the DNI’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon report to congress, Portigal’s posted on LinkedIn expressing his disappointment in the lack of clarity in the Government’s effort.

“I have decided that the recent congressional report on UAP’s (UFO’s) was lacking in detail with respect to the ‘other’ category considering what I had provided to NASIC and the DIA.”

– Frederick Portigal

According to Portigal, the Defense Department has created special hyper-spectral binoculars which they refer to as “Alien Hunting Binoculars”. The technology is based on Frederick’s personal telescope and scaled up utilizing $750,000 in Air Force Research Lab funds.

According to Frederick, the video footage from his own telescope has been published on the platform, which employs block-chain technology to prevent evidence manipulation. It begins with a concentration on a white orb, which is often mentioned by witnesses. To put it simply, the intense energy packed into one visible location appears to the naked eye as a highly illuminated ball. Once Frederick’s sensor can parse through the plasma and estimate the extent of the gases, it can build a picture of the buildings behind the orb, displaying outlines of pyramid-shaped UFOs seeming to be dropped off by a bigger mothership in the front.

The telescope is an 8-inch Newtonian reflector from Calestron, with a Celestron solar system imager. The video camera is a Celestron NexImage with a Philips toucan lens that is not meant to suit the telescope eyepiece.

Frederick’s technical report which accompanies the video below can be seen here. According to Frederick, this is absolute proof that aliens are here.

“It’s probably evidence of a mining operation but who knows what is in the cargo that materializes and passes through the worm holes after each plasma speeds by.” Portigal added another note in regards to the extraterrestrial ships, “they are traveling through wormholes, and the other possibility is a breach between parallel universes.’”

It is unnecessary to inform the reader of the implication of what Portigal is putting forward here. Consider Luis Elizondo’s recent remarks on the genesis of humanity. NASA’s public pronouncements and the Central Intelligence Agency’s social media efforts in recent days seem to have fueled the UAP fire rather than extinguished it.

Everything boils down to the individual. Is the Retired Air Force Scientist attempting to mislead the public, or is it time to reconsider what whistleblowers have been attempting to express to the broader public for decades?



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