Arcturian Message For Humanity





Dearest Family,
We congratulate you on the magnificent acclimation of energies that your bodies are successfully adopting which are then alchemised by the chemistry of your Cellular DNA. As your bodies assimilate all cosmic energy that has traveled through space to your planet, you have been the experiences of physical exhaustion including waking up in the morning to find that the extremities of your body are seemingly numb.

Many of your doctors on your planet are glimpsing a higher than normal proportion of light-workers visiting for consultation upon which little or no issues are found. In some cases your medical healers have appeared to find cases where the client is seemingly dying and are yet completely healthy. This will be passed off by large conglomerate institutions as something that is actually man made of which you are already aware.

This is the first time in a very long time you are finally beginning to have a relationship with your corporeal bodies. You are becoming aware of foods that do and do not resonate as the physical vessel is beginning to give you intuitive feedback that is undeniable even to those who have only just awakened. In an old energy this relationship was not sustainable and the body would express pain and signs of stress usually before or up until the point of illness only. Your new bodies are becoming hybridized. If you can imagine buying a fast car, its engine will need a higher, cleaner octane fuel. This is you dear souls. In the coming times you will eat only once a day and need far less sleep as the light body and meridians of the physical vessel align and ingratiate pure light energy in a connected way that lines your energy points from head to toe.

The new world you will live in will be a glorious place full of changes that will aid the new human. Your construction industry will eventually do anyway with heavy dense materials such as wood and metal. Colossal structures the size of your tallest buildings will come into creation and the walls that supply you with shelter will have their own consciousness as homes are built from crystal materials. Imagine having a conscious experience with the home you live in as it breathes and exists alongside your own consciousness in unison. A home that is seemingly alive!

You are the forerunners now planting the seeds from the stars, intuitively changing jobs, moving to new areas and starting lives that exist within the beginning of an ascended planet. Many of you who are finding the changes the hardest are the ones who will be coming back and staying to build the new ascended planet whilst others will incarnate elsewhere and work out their soul purpose in different ways. This is because you are the ones choosing to wake up and put your feet onto the cold floor and experience the unknown whilst others stay in a comatose state ever dreaming within a paradigm that has already collapsed. The way showers are running the longest mile as they are the ones energetically leading the way and building the new world and are feeling the change of pace the most. This is also testing your resolve and agreements made prior to arriving. The rewards will be yours, lightworker and starseeds.

Have no fear.

The flora and fauna of your planet have been priming themselves in preparation for the new earth for some time also. Whilst humanity has aided in the untimely extinction of many species of your planet, some of these changes would have created themselves within the natural world independently of themselves as new animals, fruits, and other creations come into existence that serve a new ascended planet energy.
Over many generations, you will come back to observe new animals and fruits emerging, and some animals retiring from the creation story as has happened through that existence of your planet throughout the last 4 Billions years. This perplexes the earth seeds and the souls who have only incarnated upon earth as this is all they have ever known and still dwell with one foot in the old while learning to accept the newness that is coming to your planet. Change is not easy.

The octave of this entire galaxy is raising it’s pitch by another level also. Do not think that the energies from our great central sun only affect Gaia.

However, All eyes are on you within this moment in time. Humanity is the new civilization joining our galactic family and there is cosmic anticipation of your imminent arrival. You look upon our skies and wonder when we might arrive. We look upon your planet and see you already arriving.

We ask you to not drown in the last remnants of the old world which your news outlets will be announcing in the duration to the end of your solar year culminating in what you call December. This is designed to draw your attention back to a crumbling reality and its timelines. Focus only now on timelines you wish to create for yourself and Gaia. Focused thought will manifest in reality dear ones and we need you all in alignment toward the end of this year of recalibration into your 2022.

We look upon you with the love that a parent has for its children who have just graduated. Take your time coming of age and enter the light with grace. We are your family.

The Arcturians Channel – Alexander Quinn

Art by Aurora Ray




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