“What would you do to change earth”?


I hear these phrases time and time again, the 5D earth is almost here, it is going to be an epic ascension! I hear people time and time again say that they are a star seed. I hear the question “What would you do to change earth”? or “How do we make the earth new”? Over and over. We need to do this for a better earth, and we need to do that. But if you are like me, you see things a little differently. Please allow me to share one perspective. If I were not happy with earth, I would not have planned to come here in the first place. My higher self planned me to be here for a reason and my higher self is much more heart centered and knowing than my ego. Every spiritual site I have been on, I hear people complain about living here, and wanting to make a new world. I also see posts about how purposeful it is to be a star seed. There is nothing wrong with being human, for me it really does not matter what galaxy my star race is from or what star race I am a descendant of, what is important, is that I am here now, on earth, as a human being.

I am an electrician living as a human being here on earth and for a reason. Perfect! I would not want to change one thing on this planet other than the changes I create within myself. Because the way I experience my outer world reflects that creation. The creation from within my heart. My ego at one time would have disagreed with me. My ego saw all the evil and negative in the world. At one time my ego was afraid of all the stuff it had no control over and did not know about. It went for the cheese and was caught in the trap. I had to teach my ego about love and truth.

My ego finally learned that it is all an illusion set up as a learning experience to test me. When my heart and mind aligned, my ego finally realized that everything we experience is perfect. It must be, because God created everything. We all made agreements before birth with one another, for a purpose, to live here on this 3rd density planet we call earth. We chose this world, the circumstances, trials, and tests that we are continuously subjected to on a daily basis, every second of the day. But it is all just an illusion. A training simulation for spiritual growth.

No one is coming to save us but us. The world is not out there, it is in ourselves. The 5D earth is not coming, it is already here, within each of us if we choose to create it within ourselves. If all I create is love that is all I will see. I will see hate as an opportunity for love, because I will be too busy creating love. I choose to create from my heart by walking a neutral path between right and wrong. Standing outside duality, I chose to see the best in everything and see the creation of a perfect world. A world of love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. That is where my frequency is focused, on love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. Not a world of pain, but a world of opportunity where I can create these things. And because I tune it to these frequencies, that is what I create, see, and live. I do not see a broken earth, I see an earth with the opportunity to create and experience love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude.

The earth is not broken, does not need to change, what you are seeing is an illusion created by your own beliefs carried over from lifetime to lifetime. To know something, you must know its opposite. You need a reference. If you only have space, there is no reference just black space, there will be no contrast to define anything and there will be nothing. But as soon as you put something in that space you have a point of reference. The opposite of nothing is something. To know something, you need to know what it is not. Duality is not only in this density it is in all of them. So I am taking the time now to overcome duality.

Realize that everything is perfect, that what one considers wrong is only the reference point to the birth of something right. That the bad birthed the creation of something good. If there was only good you would probably would not even recognize it because there would be no reference. Good and bad depends on one’s perspective to how they use their beliefs as a filter to measure the contrast between the two. One without the other is just space. To appreciate good, you need the contrast of bad.

I choose not to waste my energy on trying to recreate the wheel, but instead to become aware of the creative energy within me that will allow me to create a new illusion based on my new beliefs of love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. I create it all from my heart. Ego sees the original illusion and is tricked by it. Ego says we need a new planet, there is murder, crime, hate and fear. The heart sees this illusion and designs a new illusion around it and says to ego, “Yes but without these things we would not have the opportunity to find love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness”.

The heart then shows ego the design plans for the new illusion and manages ego. Ego is happy it is doing something constructive. God created everything for a purpose, it is up to my heart, not ego to figure it out. Good or bad, whether we like it or not, god created everything. And it is all on purpose, as humans we do not have the capacity to understand infinity. Everything is already here and now. To create a 5D world I must change my perspective to create it and I change my perspective with heart centered beliefs that will reflect a 5D earth back at me.

Jeff Washer

Artist: Cameron Gray



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