Star Gate Dial Found In India

Ancient “Stargate Dial” Was Discovered In India – Researcher Claims Articles A new discovery was made in the river Shalmany from the state of Karnataka in India. After draining a reservoir they uncovered a huge archeological complex which was eventually named Saharasling.




The finding was incredible; according to the experts, there is no way that any of this could have been built by hand, which implies that all of this was only doable through the use of ancient technologically advanced tools. The complex is made out of several stones, but sadly enough not all of them are unscathed to this day, with a lot being too damaged to even be studied properly.



Luckily, however, there are some that prove the theory that they were all made thanks to technologically advanced machinery. You can clearly see on one of the stones for example ten mysteriously symmetrical circles which are very similar to the Stargate Dial Home Device.


The second part however differs quite a bit from the first. It resembles a complex mechanism, one that the scientists haven’t been able to fully understand as of yet. Ever since this discovery was made the place was trampled over by the locals that believe this to be the doing of the gods, they believe this whole complex to have been built by them for their chosen ones so they decided to give it a try and visit it themselves.



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  1. Hi! I recognize the similarities in both objects one from the Stargate SG-1 series and now this object has turned up in India.I wonder what it could mean is the object in question trying to tell us something about the possibility of the TV series based on fiction having some basis in fact?


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