You won’t believe what remote viewers saw on other Planets

I have remote viewed many times myself. I have seen myself in camouflage attire and waiting for something I am supposed to do or working with instruments of great technology and riding with a group on a mission looking for oddities unknown to me. I seemed to blackout at times. Then at other times I was interacting and asking questions. I saw an ambitious being in our group and he stayed mostly to himself, however, I did approach him and communicated a little. His role was different from ours, meaning the others with me advised me not to communicate with him.  Most of them seemed very humanoid. I asked if I could join the group again and they replied from time to time. Then we landed in a familiar area to me which was close to my home when I was a teenager. So I ran home confused and went to bed to awake to just another day.

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2 thoughts on “You won’t believe what remote viewers saw on other Planets”

  1. Wow, I wish I could remote view. I should look into training. Perhaps your cammo was a metaphor for your recent actions and coming out of the closet, so to speak, about your experiences.

    • Yes I agree with you I had no official training by any Government resource, it was purely taught to me by my Guides. It was a lesson or rather a means of learning how to understand what we cannot see.
      Thank you,
      Nancy Thames


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