Yossi Ronen Speaks on Contact and Beyond

Jan 17, 2021

Yossi Ronen from Israel shares his experiences with ETs, and the teachings he has received from them. Yossi’s first book spans consciousness from his personal experience of on the ground, in the room contact – to creation, sacred texts, quantum physics, emotions, and our powers and responsibilities. The book in itself is a gem, yet there is so much that is difficult to convey with ink and paper, or simply does not belong in a book. We go beyond the written word. His presentation on Contact and Beyond includes: – Contact and the Field of Consciousness – Oneness and God – Parting into Particles / Unifying in the Wave – Separation versus Distinction – Fear of Love / Too much Love – The Power of Names – Paradise and Peace – Creation and the Sacred Texts – Questions and Answers.

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