Working With The Cells


Your body is made up of billions of cells. How are you going to work with all these cells? This is actual an easy process. Let’s talk about how you can begin to have a direct experience of connecting to your cells and beginning your healing process.

Step 1
Open up your consciousness and acknowledge the existence of all the cells in your body. As you do so, your energy automatically begins to flow to all the cells. You do not have to struggle with this; just let go and allow your energy to naturally flow to each cell. Remember: The universal law is that when you bring your attention/consciousness to something, energy automatically goes to where you place your attention. So, as you bring your consciousness to the cells they begin to feel the conscious connection from you, they begin to open and respond, they begin to change! You begin to change!

While you are consciously connecting in this way to the cells you need to simply take a breath, in through the mouth, and then out through the mouth, letting the outward breath go without controlling it. Simply let it go. When you do this, the breath will automatically go to every cell in this physical body of yours. The Pleiadians call it the “Sweeping Breath” because it automatically sweeps through every cell of your body, and in that moment every cell begins to respond to this conscious connection by you. It is the same as the Conscious Breath.

Remember that this Conscious Breath says two things: “Yes, I’m willing to let go ofwhat is holding in my cells,” and “Yes, I’m willing to receive my light and my healing through my cells.”

So, what is actually happening from this sweeping, Conscious Breath is a letting go in all of the cells in your body. The cells begin letting go of the stress, struggle, and tiredness that has built up in the cells over this lifetime and other lifetimes. As this dense energy leaves the cells it makes it possible for a new level of your light to come into the cells. The cell’s membrane is able to transform its energy opening up the cell to receive healing light. This activates the energy of the selfhealer and the cells begin to regenerate.

Each cell has a central heart, so, as you open to the cell, the heartbeat or pulse begins to awaken. It’s like feeding the smallest flicker of a light, and that light expands into a flame. Your cell needs to be that flame in order for healing to take place. Your cells need love, and the light of the Self brings that love to every cell, awakening each one and activating the individual consciousness of each one. A new life force enters the cell. As the cells begin to flourish, the outer membranes of the cells transform. They become more radiant, and there will be a soft purple light found in the membrane itself, which you may even sense or see.

The cell receives nutrition through this outer membrane, and as the membrane transforms it is able to take in greater nutrition. The space between the cells will expand, allowing each cell to hold a more individual aspect of the Self. The spaces between the cells hold the connection to the other dimensional aspects of you, the healing aspects of Self. So as the spaces open up, the self-healing principle is naturally activated within you.

Sometimes you will experience physical pain as the dense areas open up and leave the body. To accelerate the dense areas leaving, simply bring your attention to where the pain is in the physical body and use the. Conscious Breath. Remember that it is useful to give the area where you feel the pain, a color and/or a form. Then bring your consciousness to the form or to the color, and breathe directly into it. The pain may become more intense in that moment, which is the issue leaving the body.

This journey with the cells is about you being willing to receive yourself in a whole different way-being willing to open to this aspect of your body. It is powerful, empowering, and very beautiful. It is an incredible event to witness, this physical birthing of your Self; you taking back your power to self-heal.

Christine Day, Pleiadian Initiations of Light

Artist: Tautvydas Davainis



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