Why is Antarctica the Only Location on Our Planet That is Forbidden for Civilians?


Antarctica is the world’s fifth-largest continent. Even though Antarctica is now totally frozen, there was a time when it was lush with trees and a varied fauna.

Antarctica was once part of a supercontinent known as Gondwana, which existed around 170 million years ago. However, some 25 million years ago, Antarctica broke free and evolved into the continent we know today.

The first human visit to Antarctica, according to official history materials, took place in 1820, but we can’t be certain.

However, we can see from ancient maps that Antarctica was not only lush with trees, but also densely inhabited. Third Reich is a very fascinating documentary that attempts to explore these issues.

Let’s not forget about Operation Highjump, which included several American expeditions to Antarctica for unexplained reasons.

Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen coordinated the operation, which took place between 1946 and 1947. This operation was kept under wraps, and over 70.000 photos were taken during the course of it. As you would expect, the images were categorized absolutely.

Admiral Byrd said in an interview that dangerous objects are traveling from Pole to Pole at unprecedented speeds, posing a threat to global security.

Antarctica is also being studied by the US government today. Without the public’s awareness, more than 30 countries work on the continent.

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