Why are UFOs Disarming Nuclear Warheads? The Damage Could Go Beyond Our Physical Plane

With the current world events prompting the resurgence of a new cold war and the imminent threat of nuclear warfare, stern warnings, and events regarding the true impact of this weaponry are coming from sources which we are barely beginning to understand. It seems we are not alone in this.



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1 thought on “Why are UFOs Disarming Nuclear Warheads? The Damage Could Go Beyond Our Physical Plane”

  1. Hello! I’am glad to hear that are galactic family are disarming nuclear warheads and in light of what I’ve heard from David Wilcock.ET races that live inside the Earth are probably responsible for such acts.The question remains would the Elohim approve of such actions in itself?I believe the answer would be yes and besides if a nuclear war did break out the Elohim could take cells from dead Raelians and allow them to live again in order to rebuild the world not to mention dead plant and animal cells would come back to life using advanced cloning technology as revealed to Rael by the Elohim Earth faced a extinction level event in the past and cells of plants and dead animals along with some human life were stored aboard a spaceship which the bible calls Noah’s ark.No doubt Noah was charged with the duty of saving as much life as he could aboard a spaceship at which time the Elohim were in contact with Noah.No doubt they the Elohim would’ve wanted life on Earth especially human life to continue forward as it did before.Hopefully in the future such drastic measures won’t have to be taken to save life on Earth again.Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine.I’am sure our ET creators the Elohim are watching events close enough and if need be a contingency plan must be considered not just for life and the human race but the obvious choice to clone humanity in order for it to start again would be the logical choice not just for the recognition of the Elohim as our creators but Raelians throughout the world in general would be the logical choice for humanity to live again.Cloning of non-Raelians would take place by bringing back the politicans who started this war in the first place and tried for crimes against humanity by a Elohim court of law similar to the Nuremburg trails.The accused must realize that the operation of bringing them back to life was only done to punish them for the crimes they committed against life on Earth.It isn’t to reward them with immortality but to answer for what they’ve done.


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