When will they ever learn? Contact Experiencers might play a significant role.

On social media platform, a contact experiencer pointed out that for over seven decades the non-human intelligences (NHIs) associated with flying saucers have warned humanity about the dangers of nuclear weapons and what appears to be an approaching environmental collapse. She asked when will the human family start listening to such concerns? Here is my response:

It is likely that humanity will not heed their call and the consequences over the next 100 years will be devastating.  Starvation and resultant wars from environmental collapse will cause the unnecessary premature deaths of hundreds of millions. The Earth will of course survive. Her capacity for generating new life is tremendous, but our civilization will be pushed to the breaking point.

Burkes have envisioned a radical long-term approach to these enormous problems. I imagine a social movement can be created that links contact with UAP intelligences (and the potential peaceful benefits of a more open relationship with them) to possible solutions for the fundamental challenges facing humanity.

Burkes imagines this worldwide campaign will acknowledge that full and open contacts with what appear to be extraterrestrials(but conceivably could be something else entirely different such as “interdimensionals”),  can only be achieved if we end war and create a cooperative society based on environmental protection and social justice. Like the struggles to end slavery or winning the right to vote for women, this process will unfold not over decades, but more likely across generations, if not over centuries.

Central to this struggle is the need for a concomitant transformation of human consciousness. Spiritual development will be required for activists to overcome the pernicious effects of ego. Ego, from the spiritual point of view means identification with form. These forms include both material objects and thought forms, such as political ideology or religion.  A profound transformation of human consciousness is required to cease both personal and societal identifications with forms.  This will involve people finding their personal and collective identity in consciousness. At the most basic level, personal consciousness can be described as being awake and knowing that you are awake. It is being aware of awareness itself. Consciousness can’t be defined, but instead is experienced and can be understood to be the core of our existence. As part of this spiritual transformation, it will be necessary to acknowledge that universal consciousness, and not matter and energy, is the wellspring of creation. This spiritual transformation will facilitate a radical reorientation of terrestrial scientific, cultural, religious, economic and political paradigms.

Burkes believes that contact experiencers will play a vital role in the organizing of this proposed “Cosmic Peace” movement. At the moment contact activists are emerging out of the shadows. Experiencers are sharing their stories bravely, weathering a storm of ridicule and denial, and in the process laying the foundation for creating organizations that will carry forward a message promoting world peace, environmental and social justice, and most importantly cooperative direct relations with flying saucer intelligences.

Social movements arise out of a perceived sense of injustice and danger. Both conditions already exist when it comes to the threats of nuclear weapons and global warming. What we lack are successful organizational models and activists willing to try to build effective advocacy groups linking these issues to contact with advanced non-human cultures. Every attempt at initiating this kind of social movement will likely fail. However, since the dangers of nuclear proliferation and global warming are increasing, I imagine that eventually a movement will emerge that links the flying saucer phenomenon to possible solutions to the seemingly insurmountable challenges that confront humanity.



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Source: J. Burkes MD 


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