What Would A Million Person Mars Colony Look Like?


Amazing Video of Mars with a Million. Person Colony  for the future or perhaps a glimpse of the Colonies already there, if so I wonder if they get the news about us here on Earth.  We have a lot to learn whether here or there ,we’ve neglected to many thing and it has finally caught up with us. I think all Humans are at different levels of realization that things are going to be changing ( For The Better) Some faster than others. Stay Well , Quarantine gets boring so keep yourselves BUSY  !I figure they certainly know about Quarantine issues and could teach a thing or two.We no longer rely on “authorities” to tell us the UFO Truth.  By making our own ET contact we take back our power from the authorities and do the Disclosure ourselves. We are the Disclosure! We become Knowers not just Believers !

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  1. Hello! When you talk about a Mars colony inhabited by humans the movie,””Total Recall,”comes to mind.A human Mars colony finds alien technology to transform Mars into another Earth.Despite the fact that this movie had a lot of violence in it leading up to the main topic of the movie.I still appreciate the concept and not only that comes to mind but a confession by a scientist who came and went to Mars was fascinating to say the least.If there is life already entrench on Mars behind the scene as the secret space programs a test than were not interested in finding life but ignoring it or creating a working model that says the more dead we show the planet and the public the better chances are society will remain intact and by the words of our supposed rulers discovering life on Mars would be shocking to the point of soceity collaspe.Well Mars might make a ideal test ground to create life there just as the Elohim did on Earth so long ago following in the footsteps of our ET creators would seem like the logical choice to make.


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