19  March  2021

Although many researchers continue to defend the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis as the most accurate answer to explain the UFO phenomenon, its coherence has been much in recent years. And only by disregarding a large part of the informative material gathered by ufologists is it possible to maintain, to this day, that the visions of these artifacts and their occupants may be caused by the arrival on our planet of a troop of extraterrestrial scientists. In my opinion, there are nine key factors that we must take into account when analyzing this paradigm:

1.- Infinite diversity in the descriptions of airships. (Not even in basic shapes such as “saucers” or “spheres” there is unanimity in sizes or colors).

2.- Infinite diversity in the descriptions of humanoids.

3.- Exclusivity of each incident. No repetition in the casuistry of most of the elements and characteristics observed.

4.- Absurd elements (fairies with scandals, cooking aliens…).

5.- “Paranormal” characteristics of the incidents.

6.- Total absence of weighty evidence confirming the existence of these “extraterrestrial” visitations.

7.- The non-existence of a global plot that could unite all the incidents in a big story.

8.- That they appear to be phenomena that move between two antagonistic universes, the physical and the psychic.

9.- Elusive information that does not determine the true origin, nature or purpose of the occupants of the UFOs.

The sum of these factors gives us an uncertain and disturbing result. How is all this possible? What can explain the infinite capacity of the phenomenon to vary from one episode to another? Why does it restart in each encounter? Why is it, often, so absurd and hilarious? Why have we not been able to obtain a single irrefutable proof? How is the phenomenon regulated to remain “clandestine”, despite its numerous appearances? How can they “move” between the real universe and the psychic one?

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