What Happened to the Astronauts Who Were Lost in Space for 311 Days?

Mankind has already attained several milestones in the field of modern space exploration. We have put several humans on the surface of the moon, sent unmanned space probes to foreign planets, and are currently even making plans to permanently colonize other celestial bodies. In view of present and future achievements, however, we should not forget that the foundations of manned space flight were not laid out of pure scientific interest, but rather because of the political turmoil of the time. In order to prove to their hated adversary that their own nation possessed the most advanced technology of all time, the United States and the Soviet Union showed little regard for casualties during the Cold War. Today, we’d like to join you in taking a look at a somewhat lesser-known side of the “race to space.” We take a look at the stories of some Soviet cosmonauts, which raise the critical question of how much human suffering is acceptable for the sake of technical progress.


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1 thought on “What Happened to the Astronauts Who Were Lost in Space for 311 Days?”

  1. Hi! I think the real achievement will be when we go to another planet and create life there just as Elohim scientists did on Earth so long ago.I see nothing wrong in following in their footsteps and I’am sure someone on the Elohim homeworld would be proud of us for tapping into the potential within us to do just that perhaps the Artemis accords of going to the moon than onto Mars will accomplish this in the beginning stages I mean.There is still the matter of building the embassy for our ET creators the Elohim perhaps they can share knowledge of space fairing people out there or ones that live among us that were not aware of yet.That will be quite a surprise for humanity at large to take in all at once.


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