A UFO Was Spotted Near The Crew Dragon Capsule From The Inspiration4 Mission | UFO Sighting

The UFO is long and looks metallic. It curves and turns several times, which is impossible for any natural object. This is 100% proof that it is a UFO. Only an intelligently controlled ship could perform such maneuvers, ”said ufologist Scott Warring, who has already reported the case to MUFON. “NASA knows about these UFOs but refuses to let the public know. They want to suppress the information, as extraterrestrial contact could turn any country into a dominant world power overnight. ‘



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  1. Hi! How long can they keep denying that other spacecraft are out there from other world’s,dimensions and what not.How long will they remain silent and keep to themselves what is obvious out the space station windows?No doubt there is a lot of activity and if they mean NASA and other parties go along with their Artemas plans to colonize the moon and Mars.Than they’ll have to explain to the public that secret bases have already been there in the beginning not to mention the alien races that are already there too.Disclosure will have its price to be sure and those in the known will have a lot to answer to and nothing really goes according to planned populating a empty universe or one that is already inhabited let them make the call and see where it leads too.


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