What Do You Think About RH Negative Blood?


According to a new intriguing hypothesis, if your blood RH is negative, you might have some sort of “alien DNA.” Negative blood rhesus does not bear the rhesus monkey gene, according to studies. So, if we’re all descended from monkeys, why do some people lack this critical gene?



We are aware of four forms of blood: A, B, AB, and O. The various proteins located on the surface of our blood cells that battle bacteria in the body are used to classify these distinctions. These proteins are found in the majority of people, indicating that they have a positive Rh. Only 10 to 15% of people have a negative Blood Rh, so it’s a small group. This means they are deficient in certain proteins found in people with a positive HR. The precise origins of the Rh-negative blood group, which dates back some 35,000 years, have been debated by scientists. It seems to come from specific people groups and tribes. Just 3% of African-Americans and 1% of Asians have a negative Rh group, while 40-45% of Europeans have a negative Rh group. This form of blood has the following characteristics: IQ score is usually higher, lower body temperature, more psychically and emotionally in tune , Auburn or redhead, Blue, green, or hazel eyes with a high sensitivity to heat. Cloning has been unsuccessful in Rh negative people as well as pregnancy sometimes. If a pregnant mother has an Rh negative blood type, her body will reject or attack the fetus if it has and Rh positive blood type. Rh negative women must be treated with a special sterilization solution during their pregnancy. Why would a mother’s body attack her own offspring? It’s almost like as if it was an Alien to her. That’s when things start to get interesting. Extraterrestrials exist and have visited our world for decades, according to no new hypothesis. However, several people claim to have had abductions and encounters with Extraterrestrials, and the majority of these people have a negative Blood Rh. This form of blood is thought to have originated with the Sumerians or Annunakis, according to others. This hypothesis is not nonsense if the basic assumption is that Extraterrestrials exist. There are a plethora of hypotheses about the possibility of genetic modification by other organisms. There have been numerous ancient texts and works of art portraying beings visiting our world throughout history. So, what do you think the chances are? That is up to you to debate.


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