What do Rh negative people have in common?


January 9, 20212

  • Rh negatives are not likely to just believe someone or something based on words. The vibe has to be right. Intuition has to give us green light.
  • We are likely to have some form of heterochromia, be it of the hair or eyes (usually central heterochromia). Most people have one eye color, be it brown, blue… we tend to show ancestries regardless of whether or not the trait is dominant.
  • We can’t just settle. It pains us. Be it in jobs, relationships or living in the wrong place.
  • Our senses are heightened.
  • We are not born to be loners, but it can get to the point where we simply need a break from the energies disrupting us.
  • We deeply appreciate oceans and high supplies of oxygen in general.
  • We feel for animals and other human beings, even if their actions are not inviting empathy.
  • We sort of sense where something is headed by picking up on where energies are moving.
  • We are not likely to follow someone except when that person leads by great example and even then within strong limitations.
  • Sometimes we feel great about being different, other times it is a burden.
  • We don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • When arguments around us are heated, we tend to step away knowing our energy is far too precious and created for greater things.
  • We don’t live in the grey. We don’t have friends who cheat. We don’t allow disappointments too much. We love when we love. We don’t necessarily hate when we don’t, but we more or less decide to cut someone off completely when needed with no chance of getting back in ever. #rhnegativedoorslam
  • Whenever everyone is doing it, a warning light comes on.
  • We often feel that there is something we should be doing, though we are usually not certain what.
  • We can be extremely outgoing and driven when in the right place, time and energy.
  • We surprise ourselves when in such situations.
  • When others decide to depend on us (exception children), we get irritated.
  • People asking us questions makes us question them and their intentions.
  • We detect intentions in others.
  • When we don’t know something, it’s hard for us to let go until we find out more.
  • We are not born obsessive but can become that way (public perception) when things go against our nature.
  • There is something in us that longs for each other.
  • In the eyes of many, we are completely different persons based on situations.
  • We practice escapism from time to time but tend not to lose track of where our mind and mindset is.
  • Many of us have tried to dull ourselves down growing up in order to avoid having to stand out, though when getting older, we do appreciate our abilities to just be.
  • We don’t fit into boxes nor do we feel the need to define other people by such.
  • Faking interest in anything is extremely difficult for us.
  • We often tune out when people speak without saying anything, though those people tend not to notice.
  • We are often underestimated or overestimated.
  • “Everyone has an opinion” not necessarily applies to us as we are more focused on finding answers than voicing the few that we have.
  • We can easily see through most people while remaining an enigma to them.
  • Many times people think they fooled us when in reality they are so obvious to us, that it would be embarrassing to point out what we consider far too obvious.
  • When reading books, many of us tend to skip frequently to the good parts which intuitively get noticed standing out.
  • We analyze the news and those who report them rather than simply just listening.
  • We don’t like to make decisions from the head as much as going with the right flow when we “just know”.
  • “Clairgonizant” might be a word that applies to us.
  • People often seem fake to us because they are, though most don’t recognize such fakeness.
  • In relationships, we tend to be all in or nothing can bring it back.
  • Most people are unaware how affected by them we can be.
  • Oftentimes, people recognize the strong effect we have on them much later (consciously).
  • Our sensitivities are saving signs rather than unnecessary hurdles.
  • Low body temperature is unusually frequent in most, but not all of us.
  • Low blood pressure is also highly common in Rh negatives but not all.
  • We often “can’t believe this is really happening”.
  • While the term “psychic” umbrellas both, fraud/fantasy as well as real phenomena, we tend to score high in possessions of “psychic gifts” coming with the real phenomena.
  • We share a longing which we can’t define.
  • We are “not easy to shop for”.
  • “Little things” can make a huge difference for us.
  • “Big things” are often meaningless to us.
  • “Telepathy” is an ability we tend to have as energy is not just picked up by us, it keeps moving in us into directions revealing other people’s plans and intention among other drives, therefore giving us some kind of ideas as to “where someone is headed”.
  • Something most consider minor can change our mood by 180 degrees (+ or -).
  • We experience what is important to us and not what isn’t.
  • Politeness often seems fake to us as it doesn’t overshadow true thoughts and intentions.
  • Even when people convinced themselves they’re not unhappy, we sense it. We often know more about people than they about themselves.
  • Animals and children are drawn to us, unless we are in a situation where we carry bad energy from others.
  • People are often jealous of us.
  • People are often threatened by us.
  • Rh negative men are never “threatened by strong women”.
  • Many of us have never grown out of the presumed need to be more likely everyone else.
  • Rh negatives do not believe we come from aliens, rather it is a need to feel recognized for what is special in us that we were never able to define.
  • We don’t argue religion and politics, we can speak freely about it as we are research-oriented and willing to learn, but cannot be around those who want to speak it without any willingness to learn.
  • We are bigger than that.
  • When we feel bad, we tend to feel really bad, though it can go away very quickly when something helps us put things in the right perspective revealing doors that are open.
  • We can have a love-hate relationship with money as part of us hates to submit to the power it has over us.
  • We tend to carry some resistance to viral infections.
  • We are susceptible to bacterial infections.
  • Many of us have autoimmune issues.
  • Freckles and skin heterochromia also are frequent in us revealing more ancestries than we are aware of.
  • We are either very interested or not at all.
  • We don’t feel the need to form a belief or opinions.
  • The answers are often in us and reveal themselves immediately once we clear our energy field.
  • Allergies are frequent in us.
  • We fear losing ourselves.
  • Many of us have experienced synchronicities so extreme and intense, that we rarely speak about them and only when naturally feeling connected (usually to another Rh negative).
  • When looking at life, a bad TV show comes to mind.
  • We don’t believe in the label “conspiracy theorist”, but if we were comfortable speaking our minds, society would label us as such.
  • If we don’t properly protect ourselves, we are magnets for emotional vampires.
  • People assume we have the answers.
  • We are natural-born leaders though not necessarily comfortable in such position.
  • Our true self comes out when surrounded by other Rh negatives.
  • If people could hear our minds, “please shut up” would enter their ears a lot.
  • Networking comes natural to us when we want to.
  • We don’t do well with stigmas.
  • An enormous sense and obligation of responsibility.
  • Piercing eyes deserve a number of their own and 86 it is, though central heterochromia has already been mentioned. What could it be that makes our eyes so piercing? First off, your eyes are actually a part of your brain, not just “the windows of your soul”. Is your brain sharp, tuned? Several elements come to mind and while I will leave it at that for now, I invite all of you to share your thoughts and information if you have it.

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