What Are Portals?: The Secret Of Space Travel

The secret of space travel is the portal.
The portal is the key to time travel and multidimensional experiences.
Portals are used by beings who are not native to Earth but who want to enter our dimension for whatever reason. These beings can come through any type of gateway because they all open onto corridors of time and multidimensional space; they are portals for entry into our dimension and for exit from it too.
We’re taking a closer look at portals as a mechanism for getting from point A to point B in the universe.
It’s no secret that we’ve covered the notion of ET travel in several previous posts, but we’ve never been quite so specific about how such travel works. Think of this post as a primer, then, since any time we move away from pure science fiction and delve into something slightly more, these kinds of elaborations are worthwhile.
You need a portal or entry point into a planet in order to travel there. You may take off for Mars, for example, but if you never discover the portal that lets you travel to the planet’s time period of existence, you might land in a place that appears lifeless and lonely.
You can access the dimension of the planet where life is present through portals. The corridors of time are accessible through portals, which act as multidimensional experience zones.
There have been numerous portals on Earth that have allowed various creatures to enter from space. The Middle East portal is one of the massive gateways that are currently the subject of conflict. You will be able to count on one hand the number of religious and cultural dramas that have been introduced through that portal throughout Earth’s history. It’s a sizable portal with a roughly 1,000-mile radius.
This is the reason the Middle East is so active. The Lizzies enter through this portal. The Lizzies have been using it for thousands of years, and they are still using it today.
The Middle East portal is a very important portal because it connects with other dimensions and serves as a zone of multidimensional experience. It connects with other dimensions so that people can travel from one dimension to another.
This is how the Lizzies are introduced into the world. They are beings from another planet who have been here since ancient times.
The Lizzies are very secretive about their existence, but they are not humans. They are from another dimension. They have interdimensional portals that allow them to come into our world through time and space.
The Lizzies use these portals to move into different dimensions of existence and insert themselves into various historical events.
The Lizzies have been around for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that they have been discovered by some of us who have developed psychic abilities and understandings regarding the dimensions where they live.
These people go into another dimension and meet with the Lizzies, who tell them what is happening on Earth at any given time in history.
The Lizzies have also been responsible for creating many of the spiritual teachers and prophets that we know today. They are very interested in the Middle East because that’s where they can insert themselves into human consciousness.
The Lizzies are very advanced beings, and they have been watching us from afar for thousands of years. They don’t want to interfere with our destiny, but they want us to know that they exist and that we can contact them if we want to.
We live on a third-dimensional planet with three dimensions. They want us to live in fifth-dimensional reality as we expand out into space!
You must discover the right portal to return to the planet in the particular time period or corridor of time that you are looking for when you leave the planetary sphere and travel through various belts of consciousness in space.
This is how systems are kept secure, how they are protected from being invaded, and how they are kept from being taken over.
The portals may look like swirling vortices that are invisible to you. This is because of your limited perception of reality. If you have awakened your higher consciousness and altered your perception, then you can see these portals that have been there all along but have not yet been activated by your consciousness.
The universe is vast, and we know so little about it. As we evolve, our technology advances, and we find new galaxies and star systems.
Our universe has multidimensional experience zones, ports, or portals. The future of self-exploration is within reach, and that thought alone is exciting!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
We are the Galactic Federation.
Aurora Ray

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