Welcome to Your New Life – Marcus McNabb – UFO World Reporter – Clairaudience Contact Story

“May of 2019, we had the privilege to travel with Ricardo Gonzalez and for 18 days, and there was a group of seven and we went to a lot of incredible places, you know, like Chilcott Desert and a lot of different places where there had been contact experiences. I was kind of going through a few things at a personal level before the trip. And Ricardo was sensitive to that. He knew because we had been friends and he knew that and we knew that it was all like culminating to us going to 14000 feet up to markazi the Stone Forest in Peru. And I woke up at about quarter after 5:00 in the morning to a very large, very, very large, loud cracking sound like it sounded like something was coming through the wall. We have all this documented and this is that we took pictures and everything of this, and suddenly the floor cracked, buckled up. We took pictures of that, too. And they will end VIDEO And there was basically what happened, and we even looked it up on Google because there was no earthquakes that day, but an earthquake happened in just my room. So that was a mind blow. You know, we’re like, OK, we had all of the ground was all buckled up. I went across the hall, I got Rob, I got bill. They they heard it, but nothing happened in their rooms. It just happened in my room. And so that was like a feeling right, like something’s happening. And it culminated. Many things happened, and I won’t get into all of them like things appearing in my room. And you know that Rob had lost a laser pen at one point couldn’t find his laser pen. Suddenly, I was laying in the bed and I woke up and the laser pen was underneath me. Mike, where did it come from? No idea. So all these different things kind of happened throughout the course of. What is happening here to all these different things that sort of happened through the course of those days and it culminated with Marco Rossi and Marco Rossi was a very spiritual experience for me. And I remember the coolest thing that happened for me is if I basically had a dream where in the dream I heard the words Welcome to your new life.



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