Was Moses Talking to Aliens?

Aliens have a strange history. Do you know aliens have been visiting our planet since the evolution times? It might seem like a bizarre idea to most of the people but it is true. Aliens possessed futuristic technology since the Stone Age. They have been visiting our ancestors for many different reasons. Ancient aliens used to visit our planet to extract essential minerals and teach the laws of science and technology to human beings. We have been consistently fed with the idea that aliens plan to invade our planet and their intentions towards humans are vicious. The entire idea is false. Aliens have never harmed mankind in any manner. We have been able to witness many UFO sightings but it has resulted in no harm to humans or earth.

Aliens have friendly and supportive intentions towards mankind. How do we know that aliens are friendly with humans? We know it by studying the history of mankind. Do you know that Moses was a friend with the aliens? Yes, that’s right, Moses was either an alien agent or friend of aliens. One can find this shocking truth by deeply analyzing the Holy Bible. What is mentioned in The Holy Bible regarding Moses being an alien agent? There is no clear discussion which helps us gain the understanding that Moses was friends with aliens. All we need to do is to analyze the events when Moses had an encounter with God. Do you know what happened on the Mount Sinai ? Did Moses talk to God or aliens? Do we have conclusive evidence regarding what happened when Moses went up on the Mount Sinai?

We have been able to understand the event by analyzing it in a completely unbiased and rational manner. Moses went up on the Mount Sinai to talk to the superior-power. Do you know that Moses talked to a burning bush on the Mount Sinai? Is it possible that a burning bush can talk? No, it is not possible. A spaceship might have landed on the Mount Sinai surrounded in the smoke of active volcano while the fire came out of the exhaust of the UFO. The aliens might have talked through a speaker while the fire and smoke covered the UFO. This seems more logical than the explanation present in the Holy Bible.

Do you know that Moses went back to Mount Sinai? On the second turn, he brought back The Ten Commandments. Why didn’t God give him the Ten Commandments on the first visit? It seems like Moses lied to the people of Israel as he wrote The Ten Commandments himself or received them from aliens. Erich von Daniken presents his ancient astronaut theory by mentioning that Moses was indeed an alien agent who guided mankind towards the path of betterment. One might not agree with the particular theory but there are plenty of evidence regarding the event when Moses talked to aliens on Mount Sinai.



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1 thought on “Was Moses Talking to Aliens?”

  1. Hello! The answer to the question found in this topic post is yes according to the prophet Rael during his second encounter with the Elohim to the eternal life planet.He was brought to a dinner table where all the prophets of the world religions were present including Moses.Info of that time in history can be found at a website called http://www.messiah.com or .org.For the life of me it can be found there and also a picture of a UFO above when Moses outstrecthed his hands spliting the red sea in two.Its obvious if your uneducated you assume god did it but if you have a general understanding of science and technology parting the sea was obviously done using advanced UFO technology.The same logic can be applied to the so-called burning bush as well as the writing of the ten commandments.No doubt the Elohim were involved they would be the logical choice to play god in order to free us from slavery during those times.Even to this day were still enslaved to working like robots in order to prove we deserve to live on Earth and earning money is also a form of slavery too.The era of the acquisition of wealth no longer being the driving force in our lives is way overdo to come about and it will come about with our liberators being robots and computers.The Elohim know this to be true otherwise they wouldn’t have made contact with our beloved prophet Rael in 1973 and 1975.I intend to take a picture attach to this posting so that the true facts can be told about our prophet of the Elohim Moses.I’am sure if Moses returned to Earth in the present he would reveal to the Jewish population what Rael is speaking of now.It will be interesting to observe the reactions of the present day Moses especially those that take the Hebrew bible literally.


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