This Small Japanese Town Is A UFO Hotspot

In a small Japanese town with desolate streets and shuttered storefronts, aliens are said to be frequent visitors.




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1 thought on “This Small Japanese Town Is A UFO Hotspot”

  1. Hello! If UFO’s and their alien humanoid pilots are frequent visitors to this Japanese town it should come as no surprise that our beloved Prophet Rael is living in Japan as we speak.Hardly a coincidance to say the least.I remember his remarks where he said he liked living there rather than France.I can’t say I blame him for relocating and perhaps one day I’ll get the chance to meet him there.To introduce myself among other things as well.I think I remember someone mentioning that Japan has the highest level of atheist in the world.Perhaps the Japanese government can be persuaded to build the embassy for the Elohim there.We might as well call this article,
    “Lost in Translation Part 2!”If anyone has seen the first movie with that title please recommend this movie to those who haven’t seen it.I wish I knew how to type out goodbye in Japanese oh well maybe some other time.I need a real life universal translator where did it go?


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