Walk ~ Ins

Sep 1, 2020

You may know a walk-in. You may even be one. They are high-minded entities permitted to take over the bodies of human beings who wish to depart this life. Their mission is to lead us into an astonishing new age. They are walk-ins, and there are tens of thousands of them on this planet. Walk-in’s are spirits , living in the other worlds ( say… the heavens…) who get permission and opportunity to descend into (and take over) the bodies of humans, who do not want to be in this world anymore, because their lives are too difficult… for instance….without them going so far as to commit suicide… but who do willingly leave their bodies, so that they themselves can enter the spirit world . These high spirits from the heavens then enter these (then vacated ) bodies, in order to help and guide the people on this earth, who are in need of their assistance, although they do not know that these are celestial’s, who are helping them, because they look and talk like their friends and neighbors etc., who…. at the same time….are suddenly so much wiser, kinder, calmer etc. then before. The law of one Ra Material claims that Abraham Lincoln was a walk in, were others in our history walk ins? Are you a walk in?

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