Unidentified Object Breaked A Mountain And Crash Landed In Antarctica


Once again the rumors of UFO findings have hit the headlines. A Google Earth image of a remote location in Antarctica has sparked rumors about an alleged UFO landing in the icy continent of the world. The UFO Hunters, as well as the conspiracy theorists, believe that a UFO landed near Antarctica on the South Atlantic Ocean of South Georgia. They claim that the suspicious object seen on the Google Earth Image indicate about a possible extraterrestrial activity in the frozen corner of the world.

A video featuring that particular Google Earth image was uploaded on a popular YouTube channel SecureTeam10′ in which the narrator could be heard talking about a possible UFO sighting on the South Georgia Island. The weird object buried in an avalanche of South Georgia Island is a crashed UFO that hit on a side of a mountain and then slid a long distance across the icy surface. Tyler Glockner, the narrator of the video, said, “It almost appears as if something has crash-landed on the snowy surface below.” He was not completely sure that the object is a UFO and said that it could be submarine that got stuck in the snow.

The video created excitement among viewers and conspiracy theorists. The video quickly crossed more than 760,000 views and garnered around 165,000 likes. Soon, people started talking about the aliens and considered the strange mysterious object as a UFO. But scientists denied such claims of UFO sighting in Antarctica and said that the weird object might be a piece of glacier that glided or rolled up the slope. As mentioned by Science alert, when the image is zoomed, the trails of the skidded weird object indicate that of a disturbed snow that fell from the mountain.

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