Unexplained UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & What Extraterrestrials Want. Ovnis.


Everyone knows what happened on the 11th of September. But you remember two days before what happened? A party of aliens allegedly came to Earth to retrieve information from our world from future years on 9/9.

The video you can see is classified as top-secret, and we can only view it because it was found by former President Jimmy Carter.

Some of these sightings left much physical evidence, not just tens of thousands of witnesses. Usually, black men come and snatch any pieces that they may find and keep them secret.

Much more UFO crashes were shot, such as in Colorado, and Gray alien humanoids were seen. Greys came from the future to track our progress and collect evidence, according to the conspirators.

That is to say, the future iterations of ourselves are gray aliens, in comparison to the past ones. What’s it like?

Many aliens survived the crash and were forced to retreat before the Greeks or the men in black saved them, because Greys and the US government promised to return any caught grey, and retain their existence in secret.

Men in black typically erase proofs by wiping witnesses’ memory. However, the question is if grays are so advanced, how does their spacecraft crash? Well, because their equipment is designed to journey over time, not space.

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