Under The Sea Of Japan Is An Alien Base

Aliens in the Sea of Japan

As the name indicates, UFOs – unidentified flying objects – are typically regarded as an aerial phenomenon. However, there is a growing discussion around them not just being seen in our skies, but in our oceans as well.

A few examples of these include:

  1. Marc D’Antonio, an astronomer and chief video analyst for the UFO organization MUFON, says he observed an underwater UFO travelling at high speed while he was aboard a US Navy submarine.
  2. A History Channel documentary earlier this year investigated reports of UFOs being seen coming out of the water around the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.
  3. In a June interview with The Washington Post, Luiz Elizondo, Former Director of the US Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, spoke of UFOs being seen underwater that are “able to perform in ways that frankly exceed anything that we know on the planet right now.”
  4. This month a Navy Gunners Mate on an aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, reported that on the way from Florida to Haiti in 2010 he saw a “Tic Tac” shaped object moving rapidly underwater.

These underwater objects are sometimes referred to as “unidentified submerged objects” or “trans-medium UFOs” because they are able to travel through at least three mediums: air, water, and space. Like their airborne counterparts, these objects are able to travel at incredible speeds and perform maneuvers far beyond what our current technology is capable of, showing that they must be the product of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations – imagine a submarine that could fly through the air and travel through space!

Even more fascinating than these recent reports is an earlier article in The Aetherius Society’s Newsletter which revealed the presence of underwater alien activity around four decades ago.

In the early 1980s, there were media reports of UFO activity around Russia and Japan. On March 28th, 1982, Dr. George King, founder of The Aetherius Society, asked one of his extraterrestrial contacts about the reason for the UFO activity in this area.

His contact – the cosmic entity known by the pseudonym of “Mars Sector 8 – Special Advisor S2” – responded with a stunning revelation: there was an alien base in the Sea of Japan!

The report in The Aetherius Society’s Newsletter included the following information about the aliens in the Sea of Japan:

It seems that these spacemen are not from this Solar System but have been using underwater bases on and off for some time now, probably for exploration purposes. We do not accept the findings of the special Russian Scientific Commission set up to check this out, which brought forward the theory that, because this part of the Pacific Ocean bed is rich in iron and manganese and other minerals, the aliens could work under water undisturbed by earthlings in order to mine these minerals for their own use. 

However, it is now a certain fact that, for whatever reason the aliens needed this and other underwater bases, they do exist. It is also a certain fact that, according to the Interplanetary Communication Center, Mars Sector 8 – Special Advisor S2, these aliens are under close scrutiny by Interplanetary Confederation Forces, which make no attempt to interfere with them as long as they remain non-belligerent to terrestrials, and as long as they do not interfere with the fragility of the sea bed in this or other areas.

While a fascinating report, the presence of this underwater base was not a total surprise to Dr. King. Some years previously, he had been informed that the Interplanetary Confederation had relaxed the rules around exploration of Earth by intelligences from outside of our Solar System. This meant that aliens would be visiting Earth in greater numbers than before.

The fact that the aliens using this underwater base were under observation by Interplanetary Confederation Forces to make sure they did not become belligerent, shows the peaceful outlook of Dr. King’s extraterrestrial contacts. This is an important point at a time when increasingly some are wrongly trying to portray the extraterrestrials visiting Earth as a threat.





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