UFOs May Actually Visit Us From Parallel Worlds – French Intelligence Officer States

At this point let’s be honest here, it’s insane to disagree with the idea of UFOs being real. There are countless amounts of proof lying around everywhere you look, and that’s a fact.

But, now that we do know this to be true, another theory sprung out of nowhere implying that the UFOs that we have been seeing for so long are a lot more important than we originally thought them to be.

According to a great professor named Michael Masters, these UFOs are our own descendants from the future coming by to study us more closely. This would definitely mean that the UFOs are literal time travel machines, which is exciting, to say the least.

Physicist Jack Sarfatti has declared that the “Tic Tac” object that was encountered by the US Navy definitely used a metamaterial which could, in theory, allow it to travel across time itself. But that’s not the only theory flying around now.

Director Alain Juillet, a former intelligence director at the General Directorate of External Security of the Fraternity has stated that he believes the UFOs origin to be definitely linked with the Parallel World theory.

The proof is there, the technology needed to move around space the way that these machines do is so far out of our reach that it might be in the same time zone as the technology needed to time travel.

Although these are only speculations at the time, there is definitely enough proof on this theory to make it stand out.

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