UFOs & Hyperdimensional Vibrational Technology

Dec 23, 2016


Zylok discusses what UFO’s/Lightships are, how they vibrationaly function, and how consciousness interfaces with vibrational technologies.

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2 thoughts on “UFOs & Hyperdimensional Vibrational Technology”

  1. the worm- alive…..then dead…. where has it gone to
    this refers to every life form …. its life force…
    Nothing comes from nothing an the reverse is true
    So where do we come from where do we go to…

  2. I’ve got tenants in the flat above thumping my ceiling and they use a drill how do I solve this without harming them….even though it the job of Hounslow Homes to remedy it…. but they dont- Its as like this is a monitored flat and its black on white racism..


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