UFOs, Extraterrestrials And Spiritual Advancement


Dear Cosmic Community,
Since the year 2000, there’s been an ever-increasing acceleration in awareness about the life forms which exist both within and beyond the physical dimension, here on Earth and indeed, elsewhere. Perhaps you’ve had an experience with an extra-terrestrial life form through meditation, an out of body occurrence or in person? Perhaps you’ve come to understand that all life forms begin their journey into form ‘from beyond the physical’? What if the recent interest (building from 2017 onward) and the growing seeming openness ‘by the mainstream’ in accepting other life forms is happening because more people are advancing in their spiritual consciousness?
Indeed, I said back in March 2020 (just as the global pandemic was spreading) that Covid would be the ‘soft open’ for what was to come. It was a segue that would allow millions of people to go within, reflect and come to know who they are, so that the idea of other worldly life wouldn’t seem so foreign or shocking. Here’s an excerpt from my 2020 blog…‘ Now you might say, ‘Coronavirus is a soft-open? But, this is intense? What would a hard open be like? Well, just imagine if humanity was to wake up through a war that affected every country at once, a nuclear attack on all countries, a meteor strike, natural disasters all over the globe or ET’s finally revealing themselves to the mainstream – telling us we have never been alone. These types of ‘wake-ups’ or hard opens would cause mass hysteria on a scale far greater than the almost ‘controlled and paced’ atmosphere of awakening that is now taking place.’
In today’s ALL-NEW blog post, let’s look at what’s potentially ‘coming next’. With the Pentagon set to reveal it’s classified report on UFO’s on June 25, 2021 – world wide media coverage on other worldly phenomena is ramping up. What will be important in the months to come is that you know who you are and what you’re a part of, so that you’re not led down a fear-based path and that you remain calm and self-responsible when the world slowly opens up to extraterrestrial life.
UFOs and Extraterrestrials
To begin with, what are your thoughts on this subject about extraterrestrial life? Have you ever seen something unusual in the skies, something that you instinctively knew was other worldly? Perhaps, you’ve even had close contact, meeting with other worldly beings in person, in meditation or in some form of astral travel? Many of us have and for far too long, speaking of such experiences has been ridiculed and misunderstood. Many a brave soul has shared their experiences only to be met with disbelief and shame. But, the tides have turned. The past 18- months has assured us of this. In 2021 and beyond, it’s soon to become common place to hold a more ‘cosmic’ view on our place within the universe, something that I’ve been advocating for since 2003.
Indeed, humans are ‘cosmic citizens’ and multi-dimensional beings, born of the light. Earth is not our usual home. Indeed, the realm of spirit is and this is why so many who inhabit human form can often feel ‘alien’ here and have a hard time assimilating to the harsher physical ways that humanity has learned to express through.
When first talking about this subject of extraterrestrial beings, I’ll split it into two areas.
Physical Extraterrestrials – These are those beings who physically visit Earth from our own solar system and beyond. These beings have physical bodies (like us) that are designed for their particular level of consciousness and their planetary habitat. Therefore, these bodies can look very different to human bodies – although there are some ET’s who can change their shape and also morph into human form at will. The stereotypical ET with huge eyes, glowing skin, a large head, small and/or tall frame and spindly arms and legs is often encountered visiting Earth. Although, there are many forms. Consider that these beings have evolved their minds and can create ‘physically – instantly’ on the level of thought. That’s why they have such fine physical bodies (compared to humans). They don’t need to shift energy physically – they do it on the non-physical plane of thought, which we do as well – yet humanity is still underdeveloped in this regard. From my experience, these beings watch over our planet regularly and always have. They can appear in places where we have a great military presence, where there are natural energy vortexes and where they are interested in the development occurring amongst humanity. Many of us have seen these beings and have been in contact with them. It’s no secret.
Non-physical Extraterrestrials – These are those beings who are in constant contact with Earth and indeed all of us, on the non-physical level. These ET’s can morph and materialise at will, sometimes appearing as physical and yet being non-physical. They may visit you through meditation, out of body travel and when you’re simply connecting with the universal flow – out in nature – where the vibration is naturally high. Back in 2004, I had a direct experience (the main one of my life that I so vividly recall) of meeting 3 luminous, yet physically formed extraterrestrials – that had entered my home, by simply materialising. There was no craft. There was just me and them. I woke up to find them in my bedroom one early morning. They approached me and I could feel that they were communicating with me via the third eye. I didn’t move, but felt relaxed (I sensed this was important) and when they got very close to me, one of them hovered their hand over my third eye, and with that I blanked out and then remember waking up the next day. Indeed, 2004 was a year of deepening my spiritual awareness on all levels. I had just begun writing my weekly energy forecasts in late 2003 and I was immersed in spiritual growth every day. I was constantly experiencing OBE’s and astral travel. Meeting these beings seemed like a natural progression for me and an acceleration of my path. My work and purpose grew considerably in 2004. Perhaps you’ve had similar meetings? Did you find that your spiritual awareness has increased, as you allowed yourself to be more open to other dimensional beings and inter-stellar travellers?
Craft from Earth, elsewhere and moving beyond physical thinking
Then there is the question of – where does the craft come from that is seen and experienced physically as UFOs? To this I say, that some alien craft is not from Earth and yet, some is. The technology has existed on Earth for some time, whereby government and private organisations have been experimenting and already know how to and ‘have’ created anti-gravity craft, with advanced propulsion technology. Much of what people see and identify as being UFOs, I feel – is human-made craft.
Revealing an Alien Presence on Earth
I often felt that it’s possible that at some future stage a ‘fake alien invasion’ could be staged on Earth (by us). Why? The main reason I feel is to keep people in fear and in lower consciousness. Indeed, I find it hard to process that other worldly beings would ever come to Earth with hostile plans. From my experience, these beings are highly evolved and when one is highly evolved, one does not consider hostility. That’s a human trait, born of duality and one of the lower vibration, 3D consciousness.
Therefore, what’s important, is that each one of us elevate our thinking, feeling and connection to the divine and cosmic consciousness. So, that if and when a ‘genuine’ (i.e non-human designed) or even a ‘human-made’ alien presence is revealed on our planet, we don’t go into fear and instead we use our discernment. If you don’t panic and remain calm and centered, then you’ll keep your personal power intact. How to raise your consciousness to accept other worldly beings, as part of your norm? I’ll go into this further, below.
What are humans and where are we from?
Consider that as a human being experiencing a terrestrial life on Earth, that you are also a multi-dimensional being (a soul) born of and simultaneously existing within the spiritual realm. One could say that you are a ‘visitor’ on Earth – a soul traveller, experiencing human form. Not so much alien to Earth though, as your body is well-adapted to suit this physical environment. Your consciousness flows and can be directed wherever you choose it to be. Indeed, the process of developing your consciousness and opening up to the multi-dimensions of light, is known as the ascension process. I’ve written an insightful blog post which demystifies what ascension is all about.
As spiritual (light) beings at our core, we are no different to the extraterrestrials who often visit Earth and travel inter-dimensionally. Indeed, you’re doing it all the time. You would be most aware of it while you sleep, which is what dreaming is all about. If you meditate regularly, you would also be aware of your ability to access and visit other dimensional realities. As you think it, so it becomes.
So are extraterrestrials really that different from us at the core? Are they not souls inhabiting different body suits? Indeed, have you chosen different body forms (different planetary realms and dimensional realities) to inhabit during different lifetimes? So, many of us have. The message of the universe is that we are all one. It’s often outward appearances that can deceive.
Contacting other dimensions
Indeed, my great wake-up experiences on Earth (happening over 25 years ago now) occurred through the vehicle of OBE’S (outer body experiences) and astral or other dimensional travel. I’ve written about this in my book Cosmic Messengers It happened for me spontaneously (while asleep) during a period in my life, when I was searching intently for the answers about my path and purpose. Perhaps, you’ve experienced the same? I (soul) would be consciously aware of leaving my physical body behind, traveling through long cosmic corridors in space and entering different dimensional realities, meeting a multitude of light beings. It changed everything for me (I knew first-hand what it meant to be a soul – I had experienced life outside of my body and I was still me). It set me on the ever-unfolding spiritual path that I was destined to awake to and lead this lifetime.
You see, each one of us has the ability to contact other dimensional realities. And other dimensional realities are in constant contact with us. The more that you grow and develop your conscious awareness of life beyond the physical and the more that you can lighten up your life (lift your vibration) the easier it becomes to communicate with other beings of light.
Personal and Global Spiritual Advancement
Indeed, 2020 opened the doorway on a decade of spiritual advancement that will see greater acceleration in the knowledge of who we are ‘as souls and spiritual beings’ (over the next 10 years) than we’ve experienced in the past 10,000 years.
We were working towards the great energy shift (accelerated by the pandemic) ever since the year 2000. There has literally been millions of souls who have woken up since the year 2000 and one-by-one, they’ve been paving the way for the era that we now see ourselves moving into. An era where contact with other worldly beings will gradually be accepted as being normal and natural – for indeed we are all cosmic citizens – all travellers of the light.
With more people meditating and consciously connecting within, making wiser personal choices (than ever before) and tuning into the spiritual realm, the vibration is rising on Earth. It makes it easier for us all to connect telepathically and for humanity to more easily connect with inter-dimensional travellers, what some call ET’S – what you may also know of as Guides, Master Teachers, The Angelics and Spiritual Helpers of the Light.
As each one of us takes the steps to live more consciously, as we advance our spiritual knowing, the collective also advances. The spiritual domino effect is in place.
Lifting our Frequency to Connect with ET’S
I feel that other dimensional beings (ET’S) are now seen more often on Earth, because more and more people are lightening up, tuning into higher dimensions and therefore, are open to connecting with higher frequency beings. We can only know, that which we are. I certainly saw this happen in my life, when I went through my first great awakening just before the year 2000. And ever since I’ve been deepening my connection with my friends in spirit. I trust that you’ve seen this unfolding in your life too and are on the path to advancing your conscious awareness of realities beyond the physical.
It’s normal and natural to know that you’re a spiritual traveller and that other beings exist.
The sooner that we can accept that it’s normal and natural to see yourself as a spiritual being on Earth, experiencing a physical life in constant connection with other dimensions (with what some would call the divine) – the sooner we’ll be free to be who we truly are.
In my opinion, it’s abnormal and bizarre not to know this and to only think that you’re born, will die and will only know this physical existence – with no connection to the infinite.
A Checklist for Advancing Human Souls
Going forward, each one of us will be called upon (at some point) to be clear and direct about our understanding of who we are and our place within the cosmos, on both a physical and non-physical level. If you’re actively advancing your spiritual path, then you can assist yourself and all others by being open to the truth about inter-dimensional travellers. They are souls just like you – creating different body suits. The sooner that we can welcome in our friends of the light, the sooner we can also escalate our own spiritual progress.
And so, I’ve prepared a checklist of steps that (I feel) will assist and prepare you for the coming age of ET contact…
Meditate regularly. Learning how to switch your focus from the physical to non-physical dimensions is an essential skill when connecting with soul and other light beings. You’ll find that the more you can train your mind to sink into the heart and be open to the cosmic energy flow, the lighter you’ll feel and the easier it is to receive guidance and connection within the light. I’ve written a helpful blog post on the Top-10 benefits of meditation.
Start to talk and share more openly and frequently about spirituality and the soul’s path. The more that we can normalise what is actually a healthy and progressive view point, the less ‘on the fringe’ or ‘out there’ holding a conscious perspective on life becomes.
Do your best to stay away from those who desire to create power through the generation of fear – which actually saps your power. You can do this by raising your vibration so that fear mongers have no effect on you. The higher the rate at which your cells vibrate, the less visible you become to heavier, denser energies. You can raise your vibration through making healthy lifestyle choices. Eat light, exercise and stretch daily, read and live by spiritual principles, make wise decisions and take personal responsibility for the direction that your life is heading in.
Reach out and connect with like-minded souls and/or be at ease in your own company. As you advance in spiritual knowing, those around you who are not evolving at the same rate as you, will start to stand out. You may start to feel less aligned with family members, friends, partners and colleagues. If so, go easy on yourself. Everyone is different in regard to how and when they choose to wake-up and advance. It may be that you need more time in your own space, to get to know who you are – so that you can be at ease with others. I spent several years in this quiet space when I was first advancing spiritually. It helped me to know myself – greatly.
Add to the love quotient on Earth, by regularly dropping the consciousness of your head (personality) into your heart (soul), as you act from an integrated heart and head perspective. As and when ET contact is revealed on Earth (in the physical sense) we’ll need all the calm and progressive spiritual leaders that we can muster. There’s no need to make a fuss. Treat conscious contact as par for the course, as humanity develops as a species. Being in an integrated head and heart space, puts you into your strength and power. You’ll be unwavering in the face of great challenges and change. You’ll welcome it in and will serve as a role-model for us all.
Sending you love and harmony, as you…experience your soul
Elizabeth Peru
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