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Dr. John Alexander, PhD, is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. He is author of The Warrior’s Edge, Future War, and UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities. He has served as a consultant to the National Intelligence Council, the CIA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the Army Science Board. Here he shares information about a UFO sighting he experienced. He was with a contactee at the time, who predicted the sighting moments before it occurred. He also discusses related paranormal experiences, including an instance in which he observed his wife, Victoria, enter into a powerful state of spirit possession while attending an Umbanda ceremony in Curitiba, Brazil. Much of the discussion focuses on the difficulty (and necessity) of distinguishing between factual information and misinformation in both the UFO and paranormal fields. New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, is author of The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems, and The PK Man. Between 1986 and 2002 he hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. He is the recipient of the only doctoral diploma in “parapsychology” ever awarded by an accredited university (University of California, Berkeley, 1980). He is also past-president of the non-profit Intuition Network, an organization dedicated to creating a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate and apply their inner, intuitive abilities.

In March 2012 a bizarre UFO encounter would unfold in the home of a married couple in Miami, Florida. An incident that would involve a seemingly miniaturized UFO that could change shape and pass through the walls of their home unaffected, no less.

In fact, so bizarre and unnerving was the encounter for the couple involved, it would spark an intense interest in each of them regarding the UFO and alien question, something that neither had before.

A depiction of a UFO over a family home in Florida

Did alien drones enter a family home in Florida in 2012

Furthermore, there are many other similar cases like the eventually dubbed “Home Invasion” incident on record across the United States? What should we make of such encounters? Are these mini-UFOs some type of extraterrestrial drone? And if so, for what reasons are they entering homes across America? Might this be some kind of alien reconnaissance mission?

And what should we make of the fact that seemingly solid crafts could alter their form? And pass through solid walls? Does this suggest some kind of paranormal connection? Might part of the answer to the abundance of such UFO encounters be revealed by our understanding of this potential connection?

As always, such cases as the Home Invasion incident and the many others of plasma-like UFO orbs on record adds yet another layer of complexity to the issue. What are these strange morphing crafts and where is their place in the UFO and alien question?

The Home Encounter Case, Florida, 2012

Perhaps one of the most truly bizarre of these orb and plasma UFO encounters occurred on the morning of 31st March 2012 in Miami, Florida. The incident was investigated by MUFON (case file 40667) and has been featured on several UFO television shows. However, as we shall examine shortly, many similar incidents are on record around the United States.

On this particular morning, at a little after 7 am, “Mary Alvarez” was at home when she suddenly noticed their dog barking downstairs. The behavior was a little out of the ordinary, so Alvarez went downstairs to see what the matter was.

When she made her way into the living room, though, she was confronted with a bizarre, metallic orb-like object “around the size of a basketball” hovering in the air. A little unnerved but equally intrigued, Alvarez watched the bizarre craft. She noticed that there were seemingly flashing multi-colored lights on the underside. For all intents and purposes, as outlandish as it might sound, the object was a miniature flying saucer.

A depiction of strange orbs of Florida

A depiction of strange orbs of Florida

As she watched the hovering silver orb, her husband came into the room and noticed the bizarre scene for himself.

Then, as the couple watched in awe and disbelief, the craft begins to alter its form right in front of their eyes. It went from a typical UFO disc to a long cylinder shape. A moment later, the craft sped toward the wall of their living room. However, instead of crashing into it, causing damage to itself and the wall, it simply disappeared through it, much like we would typically imagine a ghostly apparition might.

This last point is perhaps an important one, once again highlighting an apparent connection between UFO incidents and paranormal activity.

The incidents for the Alvarez family, however, were not quite over yet.

“Absorbed” And “Engrossed” With Understanding UFOs

Mary Alvarez and her husband would find themselves researching all they could on the UFO subject following their bizarre encounter. What’s more, they would discover that several other UFO sightings were reported in the Miami region on the morning in question. The pair would become “consumed” and “obsessed” with understanding both their own encounter and the UFO phenomena in general.

This obsession was solidified on the morning of 8th July 2012 when the couple would witness a second close UFO encounter over their home. Mary would hear a strange commotion coming from outside her bedroom window on the morning in question. However, when she peered out to see what the matter was, she was shocked. In front of her was a huge triangular craft hovering almost directly over their house.

As she continued to watch the bizarre scene, a piercing whistling-type noise suddenly rang out. Then, the strange craft simply vanished, as if into thin air.

A picture claiming to show a real alien orb

Does this picture show one of the orbs over Florida?

The incident remains unexplained. However, it raises several questions regarding these apparently futuristic crafts? Not least how they seemingly vanish into thin air and pass through solids, such as walls.

While we suggested a potential paranormal connection to these mysterious elements of the sighting above, we should also perhaps consider an advanced technology, perhaps similar to the “super solids” – solids that can pass through each other without compromise – that our own scientists are only beginning to work with the twenty-first century.

What’s more, there are many more similar cases of these seemingly miniature UFOs on record.

A “Silver Metallic Football” In The Texas Woodland, 1968

One such case occurred over 40 years prior to the Home Invasion incident of 2012 on the 30th September 1968 in Farmers Branch in Texas. The incident, however, like many others, would remain unreported. In this case, until 2015.

The incident would unfold during the day in a wooded area near a creek. The witness was walking through the woodland, carrying their pellet gun looking to shoot at birds. However, as he was doing so, he noticed a strange “reflective, silvery metallic football-sized” object. It was resting on the ground approximately 100 feet away.

Partly due to his young age, and partly due to his simply not considering that this strange object could be a UFO, the witness would raise his gun. He then fired at the strange craft. His aim proved accurate as a millisecond later the sound of the pellet connecting with the metallic object rang out. Almost immediately the craft took off, rising into the air at a 45-degree angle. Then, it “just instantly vanished at the speed of light”.

There are other similar orb accounts through history

There are other similar orb accounts through history

Whether the object disappeared into the sky at breakneck speed or whether it literally vanished into thin air – as many other orb-like UFO sightings – remains open to debate.

It was only in the weeks and then years after the incident that the witness began to truly contemplate what he had seen. It wasn’t until he witnessed the Home Invasion incident on a television show that he felt compelled to report his own encounter, such were the similarities with his own incident.

In his report, he would contemplate the notion that his own sighting might be “part of a bigger picture” of UFO encounters.

Extraterrestrial Drones Or Advanced Black Budget Projects?

It is perhaps an interesting detail that the young witness in Texas fired upon the object. This certainly wouldn’t be the recommended course of action. However, the fact he did so provides us with a wealth of information.

For example, the object he encountered that day was most definitely metallic and solid. At least at the time of the sighting. If we imagine that the craft was something similar to that witnessed in Florida in 2012, perhaps that metallic form could change shape and morph into something else.

Furthermore, there was no obvious effort to attack the witness when fired upon. Instead, the craft took non-aggressive, although immediate action in vacating the area. Was this a preprogrammed response? Or does the craft utilize what we would call today, Smart Technology?

A depiction of an orb

A image of an orb

Perhaps this last suggestion opens the door to the possibility that these small drone-like mini UFOs are, in fact, experimental black budget crafts? Ones that even in the late-1960s were utilizing the smart technology of our own contemporary era. All, of course, far from the knowledge and understanding of the wider populace.

Of course, those suggestions are reliant upon the craft being a drone-type machine only. However, some researchers suggest, at least the possibility that such machines might literally be small metallic vehicles with equally small extraterrestrial pilots. Or might it even be that the crafts themselves are more akin to sentient entities than most of us are even prepared to comprehend?

Another incident from 2006 is also worth examining in relation to each of the sightings above.

The  Encounter Of Katy P, North Minnesota, 2006

According to writer, Katy P, a hiking and camping trip in the summer of 2006 in northern Minnesota would result in a “life-changing” encounter. After setting up camp for the evening and having retired to bed, Katy found herself wide awake long after her parents and brother had fallen asleep.

It was during this time, after several attempts to force herself to sleep when she first noticed a “bright orb of light” around 15 feet above her tent. The orb would move in a straight line and then fade for several seconds. When it appeared again, it was in a different location in the sky. Katy would follow the strange disappearing and reappearing light for several hours until daylight brought the incident to an end.

A blended image of two depictions or alien orbs

Did Katy P have a similar encounter

The following day she would tell her brother and parents of the incident. Although they would stop short of “not believing” her account, they queried why she had not woken any of them. When she thought about this, she would respond that she had not wished to move as it was so close to their tent. Furthermore, she had the distinct feeling that she and the orb were “communing”, even though she didn’t understand the incident.

While it might be easy to dismiss the claims of Katy P, the fact that there are so many similar accounts on record should perhaps make us consider these seemingly outlandish claims a little further.

Common And Opposite Realities Of Existence

What is perhaps particularly interesting about Katy P’s account, or more specifically her reporting of it in her blog, was one of the comments it provoked. A reader would state that they too witnessed a “white orb the size of a basketball”. What’s more, it would enter their bedroom “from my door”.

It would appear that the reader is insinuating that the orb appeared “through” their bedroom door. In the same way that the Alvarez family in Florida witnessed the plasma-type craft disappear through their living room wall. Particularly when the reader continues that the orb would “travel across my room in a straight line and go through the wall below the window”.

Needless to say, the witness to this was in complete shock at what they had just seen. They would comment how the incident had the feel that the orb was “just strolling through my room, casually”.

A picture claiming to show an alien orb

Does this picture show an alien orb

Indeed, should we consider the notion that these orbs are sentient entities with a little more seriousness? For example, for want of a better word, might these orbs be the energetic form of the soul? Perhaps evidence of an afterlife or an alternative realm of existence?

Whatever the truth of such sightings might one day prove to be, that there is “something” to investigate regarding orb-like UFOs is without a doubt.

More Suggestions Of A Heavily Bothersome Ordeal?

While many people, both inside and outside of the UFO community, think the idea of “mini UFOs” is something straight out of a bad science-fiction B-movie, as we have seen, there are several accounts on record. And what’s more, as outlandish as they might be, they are all remarkably similar in detail. This, despite their separation in terms of time and distance.

But what might these strange, small, plasma-orb-like UFOs be? And do they have a connection to the more “traditional” UFO sightings of huge disc, cigar, or triangular-shaped crafts? Given the second sighting of Mary Alvarez, it would appear this would be the case.

And are these sightings part of targeted and purposeful missions of one kind or another? Or do they have more akin to incidental encounters?

Whatever the answers to those questions may be, such cases as those we have examined here demonstrate just how nuanced, not only the UFO and alien question is, but how our perceived realities are likely evenly nuanced.




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