UFO Sighting Video Over Mexican Highway Goes Viral (Video)

The following video was captured over a busy highway in Morelia, Mexico by a random onlooker that just so happened to see it as he was trapped in a roadblock.

What really stood out about this video, to begin with, is that as opposed to most any other UFO out there this one appears to just sort of be standing there, floating about without a care in the world.

The video is definitely decent as far as quality goes, you can even hear the driver attempt to get a better angle in order to actually get the best proof he can. We can definitely commend him for this as this couldn’t have been easy to do on a busy highway.

The UFO also appears to be extremely silent, as even though the cars are definitely running around them the whole highway appears to be largely silent allowing any sound to be heard from afar.

Its graceful movements through thin air also make it look very advanced, to say the least. The video was originally captured on March 27th on the highway from the state of Michoacán and to this day experts are still trying to see whether it is real or fake, to begin with.

We need to thank Carlos Arriola for capturing this video in the first place, as he was sadly forced to quickly abandon his sighting as soon as the traffic began moving again.

Could this be the ship of the Grey aliens or is it one of the Reptilians’? What do you think about it?

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