UFO looked out of place – WAY bigger than usual !!

A gigantic UFO was recorded not too long ago and ever since it was first spotted it caused a lot of ruckus in the online communities as experts have tried to understand its strange movement pattern and the motive behind its expedition near the Sun.

In order to explain its appearance a lot of experts first considered the idea that it’s a cosmic ray that was caught on camera but this theory was ditched altogether as you can clearly see it move in an intelligent manner.

It also resembles a fighter jet as far as we can tell, but this is impossible considering just how close it was to the Sun.

Many brought up the fact that this could be an aircraft carrier and that it’s essentially taking the extraterrestrial passengers on a tour around the Sun. Could they be using the Sun as a stargate after all? This has been a theory for many years now but this picture may have actually offered physical proof of it.

If so, this would indicate the fact that the Sun is actually not a naturally constructed planetary body but an artificial stargate that was built by an ancient race of aliens that were far more advanced than us, to say the least.

So, which one is it? A portal? A stargate? A natural planetary body? These are the questions that are heavily debated nowadays because of this picture.



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