UFO incident in Brazil – Three sisters found a disorientated Alien – Event confirmed by authorities

Three young women, walking through the streets of Varginha, Brazil, came across a bizarre beast about 5-feet-tall. The alien had a slim, compact body and a disproportionately wide head.

According to the women, the being was lying against the wall and looked disoriented. The three women were totally afraid, so they fled home instantly.

One of the women told her mother that she had seen the demon herself. The mother, though suspicious, decided to investigate the spot. As they returned, the beast mysteriously disappeared, leaving a stench of ammonia in the breeze.

Shortly afterward, the owners of a small farm near the town reported seeing a flying aircraft circling in the vicinity of their property. According to the farmer, the flying entity had been there for about 45 minutes.

A few days later, however, the dead body of the beast was found lying on the lane. As you would guess, the Brazilian Army raced to the scene and picked up an alien specimen.

Nobody knows what happened to the body because according to the Brazilian officials, the army didn’t select something, they only patrolled the area. Obviously, no one supports this theory, because most of the local residents have been refused.



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